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Activist Alert, California USA
17 August 2012

Activist Alert!

You are receiving this message because you may come into contact with a woman or couple who may be posing as animal rights activists. Dana Riley had volunteered at Viva!USA in the California bay area, and subsequently managed a store called Eko Zone in Venice Beach, in southern California. Both she and her partner, Bill Blake, claim to have moved to California from Florida, but there is reason to doubt this. They have presented themselves in fraudulent ways to multiple California activists, and there is every reason to believe they are not who they say they are, and may be working for law enforcement.

"Dana Riley" and "Bill Blake"

If you encounter either of these people, please use extreme caution in your dealings with them. If you know them or have had dealings with them in the past, please share any information you might have with us at the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. We will continue to research their identities and background and issue updates as they become available.

Bill and Dana were last seen at the FARM AR2012 conference in Washington DC on August 3, and quickly disappeared after being confronted by activists.

Please be aware and cautious of these folks, and please pass on any additional details you might have.

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