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The Accidental Terrorist


The only known photograph of Rebecca Rubin is a headshot that looks like it was taken for her driver's license. She's wearing a plain gray sweatshirt, her long brown hair is unkempt, and her expression is careworn. But splashed across thousands of 'Wanted' posters across the country, her face aligned next to those of serial murderers and bank robbers, the headshot sends a message that she is someone to be frightened of. This, though Rubin -- aliases 'Kara' and 'Little Missy' -- has never harmed a soul.

According to the FBI, Rubin, 37 years old, belongs to an ultra-radical group known as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), which along with its sister organization, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), authorities describe as 'the most active extremist elements in the United States.' In the late 1990s, Rubin is alleged to have participated in a spree of arsons that caused upwards of $55 million in damages. As recently as 2008 FBI spokesman Richard Kolko described the loose-knit confederacy of eco-guerillas as 'what we would probably consider the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat.'

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