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October 12, 2004

The Animal Defense League (ADL) - Long Island has received the following communique from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). Their letter below is shocking to us and will undoubtedly be shocking to the parties mentioned. The information below does not reflect the opinions or doctrine of the Animal Defense League (ADL) - Long Island. However the ADL - LI supports all forms of direct actions with the exception of violence towards any human or non-human animal.

It has become sad commentary that affinities have had to resort to these measures. No matter how uncomfortable the following read may be please remember that while Shankar and his family rest comfortably in their homes 70,000 animals are waiting to be tortured and killed inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The ALF are freedom fighters, not terrorists!

(start of communique)

___________________________________ A letter sent to Shankar Hariharan, the entire Forest Labs Management, and Par Pharmaceuticals:

"We have been watching and following you Shankar, your wife Puspha, and your kid Ram. We've followed you to and from Forest Labs, 155 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge. We were watching you when you bought your new Mercedes-Benz. We went inside and told them they were accepting money from a murderer, and allowing a killer to drive from his home to the vivisection lab to kill animals. They were very sympathetic. Almost too sympathetic: Vehicle Id: WDBNG84J34A411054. We even know the person who sold you the car - Helen Lamb (631 265 2208 ex 23

We've followed you again when you've gotten oil changes at the dealership (Competition BMW at 599 East Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown). One of the workers took down your plate number, memorized it, and said that if he ever gets the opportunity to work on your car, he's putting something other than new oil in it.

Puspha, we were spying on you the whole time you were in Macy's at the Smith Haven Mall and several times when you went to Sunny Farms (1169 Jericho Tpke). We talked to the technician (Danny West) from Suburban Exterminating Service when they came to your house on June 15th. We followed you to the OB-GYN that day. We've seen you go into Starbucks. Your account number with 3M healthcare is HBW3550. We know about your account at Greenpoint Bank in Commack. Your credit card number is xxxxxxxxxxxx4265.

We've seen you go into your doctor's office (373 Route 111) Esenbike Bek (NY lic no 189399). We've contacted your doctor at 516 979 6955 and told them about Forest's refusal to cut ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Our knowledge about your life has gotten a little to personal - we know you fuck your wife with pink Durex condoms. Too bad the animals you poison will never get to enjoy sex. Think about that the next time you're fucking your ugly wife.

We realized you've left Forest now, so you can rest safe. Or can you? You left Forest to become the Chief Scientific Officer of Par Pharmaceuticals. Since you have a history of using HLS, we suspect you might use them with your new company. Hopefully you've got some brains! Want to really stop the stalking - convince your new company to come out with a press statement and post it on your website ( informing us that Par Pharma will NEVER contract to Huntingdon Life Sciences/Life Sciences Research under any circumstances. Or would you like us to talk to them for you? First we'll start contacting them at work, and then at home.

And we won't stop visiting them or you. Save yourself and us the time.


Shankar, Pushpa, and Ram

3 Mike Lane

Smithtown, NY 11787

631 361 9872"

___________________________________ end of comunique

Animal Defense League

PO Box 1587

Huntington, NY 11743

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