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Two Refuse To Testify Before a Grand Jury

DAVENPORT -- Two people who refused to testify before a Davenport federal grand jury -- after they were granted immunity -- are now in custody.

Carrie Feldman, 20, and Scott DeMuth, 22, both from the Twin Cities, are to be held until they testify, U.S. District Judge John Jarvey ruled Tuesday. Their confinement can be for the term of the grand jury -- which they believe has 11 months remaining -- or until the end of this proceeding, federal code says. The longest they can be held is 18 months.

Approximately 40 people from across the Midwest traveled to support Feldman and DeMuth, who spoke at a rally outside the courthouse in downtown Davenport before their appearance. The protesters were met by a heavy police presence, which continued throughout the morning.

The two believe the grand jury is investigating an Animal Liberation Front, or ALF, action at the University of Iowa in 2004 that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. University officials are now building a new animal research facility underground, citing security concerns. The action was designated as a domestic act of terrorism.

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