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Help stop the senseless killing of companion animals in your city. We work from the "think globally and act locally" philosophy. The focus of this list coincides with the mission of the No More Homeless Animals not-for-profit organization. This list is your place to share information from those "free to good home ads," specifically and other items of interest to the "no kill" rescue and adopt community at large. Moderated by some of the many who are involved in this global outreach, we ask you to join and share your concerns, successes, goals, programs, and gain the support you need as we all work together toward ending the homeless animal population in this world. Post your local ads, alerts, shelter lists, animals for adoption, PTS, etc... and of course your inspirational stories, quotes, and comments. Three memberships exist: numerous notes sent in email; a number of notes wrapped in one digest letter and the web-only reading preference. Be sure to let the moderator(s) know which you prefer for your own reading needs. New members are placed on list moderation for a temporary time and then given full list access.
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