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ARA Being Sent to Jail: "The Animals Have it Far Worse." - June 2015

Kevin Olliff Arrives at Prison - Feb 2014

Support ALF POWs - Feb 2014

Rebecca Rubin Sentenced to 5 Years for ALF and ELF Arsons - January 2014

Activist Sentenced to 2.5 Years for Wire Cutters - January 2014

New Attempt to Link Illinois Mink Release to Jailed Activist Kevin Olliff - January 2014

Daniel McGowan, Jailed For HuffPost Blog, Takes First Step Toward Lawsuit - Sept 2013

Environmental activist re-jailed after writing blog post about prison conditions - April 2013

Political Prison, by Walter Bond - March 2013

Happy 51st Birthday, Marie! - January 2013

Victor VanOrden Released After Serving Only Three Months of his Five-Year Sentence - May 2012

Activist Released from Jail After Attempted Mink Liberation - 4/2012

Activist Receives 60 Days in Attempted Iowa Mink Farm Raid - April 2012

Toward a Re-Cognition of Choice - March 2012

Anarchist Prisoner Support Tour - USA, posted March 2012

Prisoner Updates - Feb 2012

(UT/US) Support Jordan Update for November 2011

Letter From Walter Bond's Mother - November 2011

'Serial arsonist,' animal rights activist ordered to prison - Oct 2011

(US/il) Inmate May Have Case for Lack of Vegan Meals - Sept 2011

Scott DeMuth Released From Prison - September 2011

Prison Mail Screened by Counter-Terrorism Unit - August 2011

ALF Prisoner Jonathan Paul Released After Nearly Four Years - July 2011

Andrew Stepanian Talks About His Time Inside 'Little Gitmo' - July 2011

Walter Bond's Final Statement to the Court at Sentencing - Feb 2011

Activist Scott DeMuth gets 6 months for raid on ferret farm - Feb 2011

Two ALF Prisoners Released - Feb 2011

Received from Political Prisoner Steve Murphy's Support Crew  - 12/10

Letter from Jordan Halliday - 12/10

I Am the ALF "Lone Wolf", by Walter Bond - 12/10

Mexican Liberation Prisoner Abraham Lopez Released From Prison - 12/10

Walter Bond Pleads Guilty To Sheepskin Factory Arson - Nov 2010

Kevin Olliff Released From Prison After 18 Months - Nov 2010

Animal-rights Activist Jordan Halliday Sent to Federal Prison - Nov 2010

Current Animal Rights Prisoners of Conscience - Oct 2010

New SHAC Prisoners - October 2010

Briana Waters Released from Prison on Bail - October 2010

DeMuth accepts plea deal in animal rights activist prosecution - 10/10

Call Out for Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistor Jordan Halliday - 10/10

POW Viehl Released - Sept 2010

Andy Stepanian's ARZone Guest Chat Transcript - Sept 2010

Scott DeMuth Pleads to Misdemeanor - Sept 2010
     Scott DeMuth pleads guilty to fur farm liberation, Iowa lab raid charges dropped

Support Site Launched for AL Prisoner Walter Bond - Sept 2010
    Support Animal Liberation Prisoner Walter Bond

Alex Hall Arrives in Colorado Prison - August 2010
     Alex Hall Arrives in Federal Prison - address

More ARA POWs - Walter Bond and Bryan Monell - August 2010

Letter From Jailed Activist Walter Bond - August 2010

Informant Revealed: ALF Suspect Set-up By His Brother - August 2010

ELF Attack Dedicated to ALF Prisoner Walter Bond - August 2010

Walter Bond - July 2010

Scott DeMuth support updates - July 2010

Lewis Pogson, Animal Liberation Political Prisoner, released - June 2010
     Lewis Pogson Back in Prison - August 2010

Support ARA POW Jordan Halliday - June 2010

Update on Scott DeMuth - May 2010

Support Prisoners South of the (Irrelevant) U.S.-Mexico Border - April 2010

Situation Worsens for A.L.F / E.L.F. Prisoner Marie Mason: DEMAND VEGAN MEALS - Feb 2010

Carrie Feldman Moved to Solitary Confinement - Feb 2010

AR Prisoners - Newsletter 2 - January 2010

Eric McDavid - 4 Years Incarcerated - January 2010

A note from veganarchist ex-prisoner Sean Kirtley - October 2009

Peter Young Still Advocating for AR - September 2009

Vegan prisoners win right to ethically-sourced food - UK, August 2009

Comforting Animal Rights POWs - August 2009

The AETA 2 - April 2009

April 2009 [Infoshop News]

Daniel Amos' prison address has changed, please spread the word. Dan has been moved to a category C prison (which is less secure and nicer than his previous prison, HMP Winchester). UK SHAC 7 Prisoner Dan Amos has moved Daniel Amos' prison address has changed, please spread the word. Dan has been moved to a category C prison (which is less secure and nicer than his previous prison, HMP Winchester).
full story:
Animal Concerns News Service (RSS Feed):

From Heather Nicholson Serving 11 Years for Animal Rescue - Feb 09

Animal Liberation POWs - January 2009, update

Interview with POW Jeff Luers - January 2009
About Eric McDavid's Sentencing
Eric McDavid Sentenced 19 years for Thought Crime - May 2008

February 23, 2008
KEVIN KJONAAS (SHAC) - video/SONG 'FREE KEVIN JONES' - sentenced in 2006 to 6 years of prison:

And PLEASE dont forget to write Kevin and the SHAC 7 in prison!

Just keep in mind that Kevin gets 20 letters a day so he may not write you back quickly but even if you have written to Kevin and have not heard back please write again! These letters are his only link to the outside world (other then phone calls).

Kevin Kjonaas #93502-011
Unit I
FCI Sandstone
P.O. Box 1000
Sandstone, MN, 55072

Writing POWs -- Dos and Don'ts.

Gregg and Natasha Avery were arrested on May 1 and charged with "conspiracy to blackmail," relating to the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. They are being held in custody until their next scheduled court appearance on May 21. Please send them a letter of support!

Gregg Avery #TA7450
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
Winchester SO22 5DF

Natasha Avery #VM4846
HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
Ashford, Middx. TW15 3JZ

Suzanne Taylor was released on tagging - Jan 08
Julia Didrikson jailed for five months - October 07
Mel Broughton Faces Charges - December 2007
POW Addresses - Dec 2007
Jail for animal rights blackmailer - November 2007
SHAC 7 - October 2007
Green Scare Defendants - July 2007
Eric McDavid - April 2007 update
New Prison Dispatch from Jeffrey Free Luers - February 2007
A Cure for What Jails Ya - An Interview with Jailed "Eco-terrorist" Jeffrey Luers
Journalist Josh Wolf's Courageous Stand - February 2007
SHAC True Tale - article in Jane Magazine, February 2007
Peter Young Is Free - February 2007
Josh Harper Update - January 2007
Keith Mann Blog - December 2006
Addresses of All SHAC Prisoners - December 2006
Peter Young, October 2006 Sept. 2006. New Prisoner - Madeline Buckler
     Madeline Buckler was sentenced to 2 years for charges connected to the campaign to close down Newchurch Guinea Pig Farm. You can send: stamps, writing paper and postal orders. Please send her a card or letter in support.
    Her address is: HMP Peterborough, Saville Road, Westwood, Peterborough PE3
7PD. Her prison number will be updated shortly at
Prisoner: Dr. Joseph Harris - Sept 2006
Peaceful Arrestees - Sept 2006. Andy Stepanian and Darius Fulmer of the "SHAC 7" were sentenced.
Fallen Warriors - from NAALPO Aug 2006
Prisoners - from NAALPO Aug 2006
Snitches - from NAALPO Aug 2006
POWs -- UK ELP Bulletin. July 25, 2006.
Peter Young in Solitary -- July 2006
McDavid Strike -- March 2006. Eric McDavid goes on hunger strike.
Email Shac7 -- March 5, 2006. Email the Shac 7.
Tre Arrow -- Jan. 2006. ELF/ALF activist on death row.
ELF Arraigned -- Two arraigned in arsons claimed by Earth Liberation Front .
Darren Thurston -- Jan. 2006
Kevin Kjonaas -- The latest front in the "war on terror": animal-rights activists.
    Kjonaas -- March 2006
Interview with Peter Young  Nov 2005, from No Compromise 28.
             Peter Young Interview -- July 2006
Activist Dies -- Barry Horne died on hunger strike Nov. 6, 2001.
Josh -- Josh Demmitt, serving 2-1/2 years in prison for protesting.
Peter Young -- March 2005, released mink in Wisconsin.
Rod from Jail -- Rod Coronado defends the ALF from jail.
Prisoners -- 3 SHAC Activists jailed.
Keith Mann -- April 2005. Animal Rights Activist to Be Sentenced for Lab Raid.
    Keith Mann -- April 29, 2005.

Keith Mann was sentenced on 29th of April, 2005 to 6 months for his part in a raid on Wickham labs in Hampshire. Address: Keith Mann KJ0365, HMP Winchester, Romsey Rd, Winchester SO22 5DF.

Please send messages of support to him.

See for more on supporting prisoners.

Keith uncovered documents in the raid which proved that the government had lied over outlawing the LD50 poisoning test and had permitted it on a massive scale at Wickham.

"An autumn night 2001 the ALF placed incendiary devices at Svenljunga Mink AB, a feed producer owned by a large number of fur farmers. Three lorries and a car was destroyed and in a communiqu after it the activists declared war on the fur trade. Svenljunga Mink AV lost money because of the action but continues to produce food for the country's fur farms. That is why we choose to hit them even harder than the activists did in 2001. On the night to September 29th we placed several timed incendiary devices in the area, on the lorries and on the office of the factory. Every year 1.3 million fur animals are killed in Sweden and this action is a reaction on their cruelty to the animals. On October 1st an investigation is to be proposed by the government to evaluate if it is possible to ban fur farming in Sweden. We hope, for the farmer's sake, that the ban goes through, otherwise they haven't seen us for the last time.
    This action is dedicated to Dave Blenkinsop that serves a 10 year long prison sentence for his involvement for the animals. Don't lose your hope. You're a huge inspiration to us all."


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