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Support Site Launched for AL Prisoner Walter Bond

New Support Site Launched for Animal Liberation Prisoner Walter Bond

How to donate to Walter's commissary fund and legal defense: Coming Soon!

Walter Bond was arrested on July 23, 2010 and accused of being the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) 'Lone Wolf' charged with arson of the Sheepskin Factory in Colorado. “Lone Wolf” took credit for three different arsons throughout the Spring and Summer of 2010 in Denver and Salt Lake City: The Skeepskin Factory, a store selling furs and pelts; Tandy Leather Store; and Tiburon, a restaurant serving foie gras.

Walter’s brother alerted the FBI and the ATF about his suspicions that his brother, Walter, was behind the attacks. While Walter was visiting Denver in July 2010, his brother helped participate in a sting operation, allegedly wearing a wire and helping procure audio evidence against Walter. He was arrested in Denver and is now being held in the Jefferson County Jail in Golden, Colorado awaiting trial.

Walter has been a dedicated animal rights activist and anarchist for several decades and has struggled for animal liberation and against a deadly and genocidal culture of drug abuse in the United States. Walter was the subject of a song by the vegan straight edge band Earth Crisis. The band’s song “To Ashes” was inspired by Bond’s 1998 prison sentence for arson. Bond was convicted of burning down a meth lab owned by a drug dealer who was selling to his brother (not the same brother as the snitch).

“Why I am vegan” - by Walter Bond
Walter Bond's Official Statement: It is not a metaphorical holocaust that they suffer….

Write Bond letters of prisoner support at:
Walter Bond # P01051760
PO Box 16700
Golden, CO 80402-6700

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