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Vegan Prisoners Win Right to Ethically-Sourced Food

UK, August 23, 2009

Vegan prisoners have won the right to order ethically-sourced food, toiletries and cosmetics in jail.


They will be allowed to buy in products including nuts, seeds, dried fruits, vegan chocolate bars, soap, shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, lipstick and facial scrubs after prison chiefs agreed to allow them to place mail order requests to two "eco-outlets".

Vegans refuse to eat any food, wear any clothes or use any product which involves the use of animals in any way. They don't wear wool and leather, don't consume dairy products and will not use toiletries or cosmetics that contain animal products or that have been tested on animals.

Some of the strictest vegans avoid all products with even a remote connection to animal exploitation, including sugar processed with animal bones and camera film that contains gelatin.

There are an estimated 800 in the prison population at any one time and they currently struggle to obtain products they find acceptable, with most jail canteen food and even prison-issue boots excluded.


full story: politics/lawandorder/6081670/Vegan-prisoners-win-right-to-cruelty-free-products-in-jail.html

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