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Andy Stepanian's ARZone Guest Chat Transcript

September 19, 2010 6:53 AM
Subject: Andy Stepanian's ARZone Guest Chat Transcript

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A message to all members of Animal Rights Zone

Andy's chat transcript from today, 18/19 September is now available to be viewed on ARZone's other site. You will need to register for this site separately if you have never used it before, as this site is not connected to the Ning site in which Andy's chat took place.

To facilitate discourse, the ARZone site has a live chat room, forums, and a blog feature. Members can contribute to all of these and are encouraged to do so. ARZone is an educational tool for animal rights; its value depends on its use and its success in creating dialogue among animal advocates. It does not seek to shut down talk; it seeks to open up discourse to aid advocacy and movement claims-making.

All the chat transcripts, involving prominent members of the animal advocacy movement such as Will Tuttle, Ronnie Lee, Roger Yates and Lee Hall, are available with the intention of inspiring informed debate about the important issues of the day.

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