Prisoner Updates
February 10, 2012

1) From Walter Bond:

Well here I am in the CMU. I like it here waaay better than county jail! It's actually much nicer than I thought. The men here are very nice and made me feel welcome right away. I have a single cell I can go outside whenever I like etc. So part of the rules here are that I am not allowed to speak of anyone third party, or receive third party information about others. If anyone asks about me or wants to know how I am tell them to write me directly. for more information.

2) The Director of NIO, Camille Marino and another activist named Lisa Grossman were arrested at this event:

 Lisa is now out of jail. Camille has found out that vivisector Donal O'Leary is personally paying for her to be extradited to Michigan, where she is considered to be a fugitive because of the warrant issued related to NIO displaying his home address: Camille's house was also searched and raided.

 You can write to Camille at the below address; that jail only permits prisoners to receive postcards.

Camille Marino
# AS012MNI001261
 Alachua County Sheriff's Office, DOJ
 3333 NE 39th Avenue
 Gainesville FL 32609

 For more information and to donate funds to help Camille, visit

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