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Situation Worsens for A.L.F / E.L.F. Prisoner Marie Mason: DEMAND VEGAN MEALS

Feb 4th, 2010
by Peter Young

Vegan prisoner Marie Mason’s health worsens as prison continues to deny her vegan food.

Marie Mason is asking for all supporters to send letters and faxes to the prison and request she be provided with vegan food. Marie Mason is serving nearly 22 years for pleading guilty to numerous A.L.F. and E.L.F. actions, including an arson at a chicken distributor, and the torching of a mink farmer’s boat. We cannot lend our lip-service support for the Animal Liberation Front if we are not there to support them when they are caught. Please take a moment and contact the warden of Marie’s prison. A sample letter is below.

From Marie Mason’s support group:
We are calling on all supporters of Marie Mason to contact the warden’s office at Waseca prison and ask that she be provided with vegan food. Mason is a vegan for ethical, medical and spiritual reasons, but the prison has denied her vegan meals since her incarceration. Because of this, she has been in ill-health, suffering from symptoms like dizziness and extreme pain in her hands.

We call on all supporters to contact the warden’s office and ask that her request for vegan food be approved. Please be very polite. Also note that currently (as of Wednesday, February 3) there is no Warden at Waseca. We expect that Warden English will be starting this position next week.


Warden English
FCI Waseca
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 1731
Waseca, MN 66093

WASECA, MN 56093

Phone: 507-835-8972
Fax: 507-837-4547



Dear Warden,

I am writing this letter concerning Marie Mason, #04672-061, who has requested the prison provide her with vegan meals to meet her health and dietary needs. I strongly encourage you to grant this request.

Marie has been committed to a vegan diet in accordance with her personal, moral and spiritual beliefs for many years. Like many vegans, she considers her diet to be an essential part of her life and spirituality. While incarcerated at Waseca, Marie has remained committed to a vegan diet, but has been unable to receive proper nutrition. She has been experiencing bouts of dizziness, nose bleeds, fatigue, and severe pain in her hands. All symptoms associated with an inadequate vegan diet.

I fear that unless the prison provides her with an adequate vegan diet, she will remain malnourished and her health may continue to suffer.

Please grant Marie’s request for a vegan diet. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.



To Whom It May Concern,

It is my understanding that Ms. Marie Mason, #04672-061, who is currently being held in the Federal Correction Institution in Waseca, is being denied an adequate vegan diet and has consequently suffered deteriorating physical health. I am therefore writing to request that Ms. Mason be provided a vegan diet in accordance with her civil rights. Vegan diets exclude all animal products and bi-products including poultry, meat, fish, dairy, honey, and eggs.

You may be interested to know that the federal prison system incorporates vegan diets as the result of a federal judicial decision in June 2008 stipulating that denying vegan diets violates civil rights as mandated by the Federal Religious Bias Law. (New York Supreme Court Criminal Term Library June 29, 2008) As such, it is my understanding that the the Waseca Federal Correction Institution has the obligation to provide diverse diets in accordance with inmate rights; civil rights are not defined by borders or parameters and should thus be recognized in your facility. Offering prisoner dietary options does not entail agreement with or support of (alleged) offense but rather fulfills a commitment to observing and accepting fundamental civil rights. I therefore respectfully request that you please observe Ms. Mason’s vegan diet and provide her food conforming to such.

I understand your time is limited and I want to thank you for your attention to this vital case.

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