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Letter From Jailed Activist Walter Bond

Letter From Jailed Activist Walter Bond
(Please send your letters of support to him at the address provided at the end of the article)

Jason Miller, Press Officer
North American Animal Liberation Press Office

I recently wrote a letter of support to Walter Bond, a political prisoner and the accused A.L.F. 'Lone Wolf.'

Here is his response:


Thanks so much for your letter of support. While obviously I cannot talk about my case, the government of the United States will not scare me into submission nor will I be silenced. I have already written to Peter about the day of my arrest as to clear the record and set straight the media's lies about BBQ's and what not, so I will not reiterate it here. I let Peter know to share that info with any interested party.

I am facing some very serious charges and allegations at this time and if convicted, sentencing could be quite severe. Nevertheless, I am in good spirits. Having the privilege of being a United States prisoner, I still have it better than most 3rd World people do in their homelands. And nothing they do to me could even come close to the plight of animals.

For my part, I shall never relent in the fight for their total freedom. Any activist that is truly effective at resisting or disrupting these horrible blood trades may face persecution. There is no cause to despair in any of this. When you are trying to change the status quo, self-sacrifice is the price of admission.

In the end our cause will win. Either humanity will perish after having ruined the biosphere and our Mother Earth will heal and continue without us or those who profess to be Earth and animal warriors will prove it and change the current of world history, as so many social justice movements before us have done.

However, we will not win simply because we are right. Progress only occurs because of courage and confrontation.

Feel free to share this letter with any interested party, in whole or in part. I hope to hear from you soon. I can receive literature and media (news articles, etc), but only printed from the computer. No newspaper clippings, magazines, etc. I forgot to mention that to Peter. If you could pass that along I would appreciate it. Also, any monetary support would be much appreciated as well.

Walter Bond

After being denied bail, Walter Bond will likely remain in Jefferson County Jail (Golden, CO) until his trial. Write Walter Bond a letter of support:
Walter Edmund Bond
PO Box 16700
Golden, CO 80402-6700

As soon as the procedure for donating money to Bond's jail account is learned, it will be posted on TPC,  Voice of the Voiceless and at

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