Today I again distributed some of the anti-CRUK leaflets in the lion`s mouth (the Obscura Cafe in B`mth), including one to a CRUK collector.

If one uses the Come & Go tactic (quick distribution while mobile and then go!), one can avoid being a target for the authorities and other riled people.

A lot of you seem to think you have to stand about like law-abiding clay pigeons, politely handing things out until you get stopped. You don`t have to.

Using Come and Go you can spread the distribution over as many days as you want. You can also judge the terrain and the people. What`s the situation.

Generally, expect middle-aged or elderly men and women with faces of thunder not to be sympathetic. Likewise, expect hard-faced men to be the same, men and women in executive suits, etc., worth avoiding. Also, the very elderly can be left alone: they don`t want or need the hassle and there isn`t much they would be able to do anyway.

Flighty girls too, with designer clothes shopping bags aren`t worth it. Young women can be targeted, easy-going looking men, and ethnic minorities are always friendly and receptive.

On occasion you will see the Research "charity" collector and "fun-run" brigade too. Make a point of giving them leaflets, but be mobile and don`t hang around.

These are the logistics of Come & Go.

Many of you are wasting your time with petitions (groveling to the status quo on behalf of "animals"), begging for donations (touch your forelocks, why don`t you!) and collecting for "alternative research" charities. A total waste of time and a squandering of your energies. Furthermore, when you are so poorly-educated that you say things like: "Why not use prisoners instead of animals?" you are showing ignorance, fascistic tendencies, a blinkered view of things, and you are supplying the enemy (the vivisectionists and the media and their lackeys) with ammo, i.e. "These animal rights nuts ARE crazy!" And in that case, I agree with them!

What is needed is a concerted leafleting effort for Rueschian antivivisectionism to oppose the highly obscene "Research", CRUK and BHF pushes which are increasingly in our faces.

But tactics need to be considered. Otherwise you are just sitting ducks.

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