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Earth Liberation Prisoners exists to provide information on people imprisoned for actions in defence of the earth and its inhabitants. We include people, animal and earth liberationists, those fighting on anti-nuclear and peace issues, indigenous struggles, anti-fascists, MOVE prisoners and more.

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& Urgent ELP! Bulletins


As a lot of ELP supporters will be aware, at the start of 2004 three American eco-activists admitted their roles in a series of ELF actions which included the targeting of McDonalds & Burger King, an SUV dealership and targets associated with urban sprawl. Two of the three, John Wade and Aaron Linas, ended up being jailed for their role. The third person was never jailed and there is much speculation that this person was a police informant. However ELP has never seen any evidence that the third person was a police informant and hence we shall not name him until we have the evidence.

With the two that went to prison ELP initially listed both Aaron & John, but after a month or so, Aaron asked that his name be removed from all prisoner lists as he was concerned that being seen to be supported by ELP and other groups could effect his parole chances. However just over a month or so ago, Aaron contacted the American publication The Earth First! Journal asking to go back on their prisoner list. The EF! Journal folk very kindly let ELP know of Aaron's letter and we ourselves contacted Aaron to see if he also wanted to return to our lists as well.

Today ELP received a reply to our letter from Aaron in which he wrote he'd love to receive letters of support and he'd like to go back on ELP's prisoner lists. Aaron also reported that he hopes that next month he will be transferred to a halfway house and then soon after get probation. So there is no time to delay in writing to Aaron! Please send letters of support to:

Aaron Linas
PO Box 1600
Butner, NC 27509

Also whilst your about it, don't forget Aaron's co-defendant, John Wade, he also welcomes letters of support.

John Wade #38548-083
FCI Petersburg Low Satellite Camp
PO Box 90027
Petersburg, VA 23804


Besides the great news that life is going well for American Earth Liberation Front prisoner Aaron Linas, ELP also has some other fantastic news. The Irish anti-Shell land rights prisoners have all been released! Also Russian NRA prisoner, Larisa Valerevna Romanova has been released from prison, her sentence served. And American Grand Jury prisoner, Danae Kelly has also been released. However its not all good news in Danae's case. ELP was hoping that one of the support groups, supporting Danae, was going to put out a press release about her. However this hasn't happened so ELP shall try and explain what has happened.

At the start of October 2005 the police raided the home of Danae Kelly looking for evidence against her. At the time everyone thought it was intimidation tactics being deployed against her. However just days after the raid the police announced that Danae was now officially a suspect in the ELF arson case, which the Grand Jury was investigating. They have removed her "partial immunity from prosecution" and as a consequence of this she is no longer legally in contempt of the Grand Jury and she has been released from prison.

For those who do not know "partial immunity from prosecution" is a weapon used by the Grand Jury to take away American's right to silence. Under the American constitution all Americans have the right to silence and to avoid answering questions which may incriminate themselves. The Grand Jury offers "partial immunity" meaning that the activist can not incriminate themselves, but others still can incriminate that person (hence the immunity is only partial) and so really "partial immunity" means nothing other than to remove the right to silence (as the right to silence only extends so far as to not incriminate yourself, rather than not incriminate anyone else). Those that are offered partial immunity from prosecution who still fail to answer questions are jailed for contempt. By removing Danae's partial immunity she is no longer in contempt of court, but anything she says may be used as evidence against her. ELP will bring you more news on this as we receive it.


Tre Arrow's support campaign have released a statement from Tre which they've asked people to freely circulate. Tre wrote:

Hello to you all, it's Tre. I'm doing well here at Wilkie. My lawyer and I have been working on the submissions to the Minister. This is an intricate part of the appeal process. Even though I've been committed for extradition by Magistrate Gill, the Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler has the power to overturn her decision and not extradite me to the US. I'm writing an affidavit stating the reasons why I feel he should oppose my extradition. I will post this affidavit once it is complete for all to read and pass on to others, if so desired.

What is crucial in this stage of the appeal is for you, all my supporters, to write a letter of your own to the minister of justice. I'm asking as many folks as possible to do this in order to show the Canadian government, the US government, the Minister of Justice, and citizens throughout North America and the world that I have tremendous support including overwhelming opposition to my extradition to the United States.

This letter writing campaign entails a two-pronged strategy. We want to put gentle yet persuasive pressure on the minister to oppose my extradition, and also let him know that these letters are simultaneously being sent to the editors of local newspapers throughout Canada, the USA, and beyond. By doing this, it will not be as easy for the minister to turn a blind eye to the letters concerning my politically motivated extradition if he is cognizant that many voters throughout Canada will be reading these letters in their local newspapers. It will be harder to extradite me if there is published wide-spread outcry about the injustices and persecution I face. The letter should include:

- Please address the letter to the Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler.
The Honourable Irwin Cotler
Minister of Justice
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0H8
- Please have your letters sent to the Minister, my lawyer Tim, and the editors by November 7th.
- The letter should be hard copy, not email (exception: your letter to the editor can be in email format)
- Please send a hard copy of your full-length letter to my lawyer, Tim Russell, so he has a legal record of who has sent a letter, and it's contents.
Tim Russell
c/o McCullough, Parsons, Blazina
2nd floor, 1011 Fort St
Victoria BC V8V 3K5
- Send an abbreviated version of your letter (no more than 400 words so that it is more likely to get published and not edited) to your local newspaper(s) editor. If you reside outside of Canada, please consider sending an additional letter to the editor of a Canadian city or town of your choice;
- Include your name, your occupation, and/or status in the community;
- Include how you know me and/or your relation to me, how long you've known me, your impression of my character, your experience with me, or your knowledge of my involvement in non-violent activism;
- Please let the Minister know that you are a voter, and that you are sending a copy of this letter to your local newspaper's editor;
- Please express your opinion as to why you feel I shouldn't be extradited (that this would be a disgrace to Canadian justice, the fact that the US is trying to sentence me to life imprisonment, that I am declared my innocence, and the only evidence against me are the words of three "witnesses" who exchanged testimony for less than 3.5 year sentences, that I am being targeted and persecuted not because I am guilty but because I have been involved in effective activism that has garnered enormous public support, that I can't get a fair trial because of wide spread media bias, that my diet will not likely be honored, etc...)
- Please be polite and respectful and non-accusatory as we don't want to do anything to jeopardize him being sympathetic to my case.
- Make sure the letter includes your signature.
- Please use tree-free or 100% post consumer recycled paper for your letters and envelopes. The trees, wildlife and rivers thank you!

Once you have sent your letter to the minister, a copy of this letter to my lawyer Tim, and your abbreviated email version to your local newspaper's editor, please send this email to at least two other people who would be willing to do the same. We are aiming for at least 2000 letters to be sent to the minister and local newspapers. This figure is achievable!!! However, it can't be done without you. We are making an effort to tally the numbers of letters sent to the Minister and are planning on posting this to our website: Please, once you have sent your letters, send a quick email to and put in the subject line: letter to Minster, and in the body: your name (or initials, if you would rather) and the city you are from. If you would like to include an email copy of your letter, please do so, and we will post some of the letters on the website.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your love, support, and help with this crucial part of my appeal. These letters could be the pivitol factor in achieving my freedom.

namaste tre

NOTE: Please pass on Tre's message to at least two other people you know. We can easily get 2,000 people writing letters for him, but its down to us to make that happen. Please write your letter in support of Tre and then ask at least two others to do the same. YOUR LETTER COUNTS!


ELP supporters may like to know that eventually, after years of the repeated lies and deceit by Justin Samuel, the transcripts of what Justin Samuel actually told the police have been made public. And they are available for your viewing at The low life piece of treacherous filth, Justin Samuel, has for years been telling people that he isn't really a sell-out police informant who would of happily of seen his co-defendant jailed for over eighty years just to save his own miserable neck. But now, once and for ever, the lies of Justin Samuel can be exposed for what they are. Check out and erase from your mind any doubt of Samuel's betrayal.


Just over a month ago, on the 21st of August 05, ELP reported the brutal assault, by a prison officer, against eco-remand prisoner Stephen Marshall after Steve refused to accept a non-vegan meal, which contained the fried corpse of a murdered chicken. In support of Steve, ELP asked everyone to contact the American prison system asking that Stephen be moved to another prison and also demanding that Steve be given an a proper vegan diet. ELP thanks everyone who did, so kindly, respond to our request. The response was amazing. In fact so many people responded the prison system ended up sending out a standard reply to anyone who e-mailed them. And to show you didn't waste your time contacting the prison system, just over a month later, ELP is delighted to report that Steve has been moved. Today a North American based ELP volunteer received a letter from Steve saying he has been moved to Portland, Oregon. Of course following his transfer Steve now faces a new problem. He has no money in his commissary, which means he can only get the minimum 2 envelopes a week and because of this he is finding it hard to let people know about his change of address. However ELP can tell you that Steve's new address is:

Stephen Marshall
11540 NW Inverness Drive
Portland, OR 97220

So please write to Steve at this address. Also please remember that the American prison system is very bad about forwarding on mail to prisoners, who change address, so following his move Steve will not be receiving any of his letters of support sent to his old address. Therefore please send urgent letters of support to Steve, to his new address, enclosing a self-addressed envelope so he can reply to you. And if you can spare it, a few American dollars sent to Steve would also be helpful. And finally, if you live in Portland, OR, please consider visiting Steve as well. He'd love to see you. In a recent letter to ELP Steve wrote "Thank you very much for all of your support! It makes me feel good that someone actually cares about my situation and what I'm up against." Help make Steve feel good, send him a letter today.


Today four British animal rights activists where charged with blackmail over an incident involving a farm involved with the breeding of guinea pigs for vivisection. Three of the four, John Smith, Jon Ablewhite, and Kerry Whitburn, have all been remanded into custody. The fourth defendant, Josephine Mayo, has been given conditional bail.

As has been widely reported in the British media, the incident of alleged blackmail occurred after persons unknown removed a body from a graveyard. The removed body was a deceased family member of the people who ran the guinea pig farm. Those who have been charged today have not been charged with removing the body, or causing any criminal damage to the graveyard, but the charges relate to an incident which occurred after the body was removed which the police have described as blackmail. It is not known who removed the body from the graveyard. ELP has very limited details of what the incident of blackmail actually involved. But all those arrested are known animal rights activists and we urge everyone to send urgent letters of support to:

John Smith TB4887
HMP Birmingham
Winson Green Road
Birmingham B18 4AS

Jon Ablewhite TB4885
HMP Birmingham
Winson Green Road
Birmingham B18 4AS

Kerry Whitburn TB4886
HMP Birmingham
Winson Green Road
Birmingham B18 4AS


As ELP supporters are aware, former Italian ALF prisoner, Sergio Maria Stefani, has been wrongfully accused of involvement in a letterbombing campaign linked to the anarchist grouping FAInformale. A few days ago, Sergio, and eight other people, were committed to trial. The others who have been committed are:

Marco Ferruzzi
David Santini
Simone del Moro
Stefano del Moro
Claudia Cospito
Danilo Cremonese
Valentina Speziale
Massimo Leonardi

Many of the defendants in this case are linked to the Italian Anarchist Black Cross and were targeted merely because the Italian ABC published a press release from the FAInformale. ELP is committed to both supporting Sergio and defending the rights to free speech and we urge everyone to support all the defendants in this case. Naturally ELP will bring you further updates on the progression of this case as and when we receive them.


Turkish ELP have changed e-mail address. Their new e-mail address is: Their website remains


Former Belgium Animal Liberation Front prisoner, Geert Waegeman, appeared before a commission to see if he should be returned to prison, following a breach of his probation by being arrested during a solidarity demonstration in support of two other Belgium ALF prisoners. If Geert is returned to prison it will be for two and a half years. The commission was split over their decision whether Geert should return to prison or not and so he has been freed to return before the commission next month when his fate will be declared. For more information contact Belgium ELP


Despite all the bad news, ELP does have some good news. The Swedish Seven (the SHAC prisoners jailed in Sweden) have all been released pending trial. Also released pending trial is Italian anti-fascist activist Flavio Tratto and Scottish anti-globalisation prisoner John Mackie. Flavio is under house arrest whilst the others are free. Thank you to everyone who supported them.


Salvatore Signore of the Leece Five has been transferred in a new jail. ELP has been informed that as a result of this transfer his prison conditions have become better and that his mail is not being as heavily censored as it was. Salvatore's new address is:

Salvatore Signore
Casa Circondariale di Sulmona
Via Lamaccio 21
67039 Sulmona (AQ)


Eco-defence activist Charles Jordan has been released from prison and transferred to a half-way house pending his trial. Speaking to an ELP volunteer on the phone he sounded well and said many times how much it meant to him to get letters from around the world. (Remember YOUR letters of support really do mean a lot to the prisoners). On the phone Charles also said that he and Steve Marshall have had an additional charge placed against them, "conspiracy to construct a destructive device." ELP is currently trying to find out what sort of minimum sentence this new might carry and if anyone knows please contact us. Remember, despite Charles transfer to a half-way house he and Stephen are facing very serious charges and the police have indicated they have at least three police informants who will stand up and speak lies about them. Also please remember that despite Charles transfer to the half-way house Steve remains inside. Please send letters of support to:

Stephen Marshall 68511-065
Federal Prison Camp Sheridan
PO Box 6000
OR 97378

ELP recently learnt that following Steve's recent assault, by a prison guard, because Steve refused to accept a non-vegan meal, Steve started a hungerstrike. ELP believes that this hungerstrike is now over but please write to Stephen as a matter of urgency as its vital he is reminded he is not alone and we are backing him 100%. Also please continue to demand the prison does supply Stephen with an adequate vegan diet.


In Spirit of Freedom September 2005, ELP reported that British animal rights activist Fiona Cresswell failed to attend her own trial and in her absence she was found guilty of damaging a badger trap. Following her conviction Fiona handed herself into the police and earlier this week she was given a non-custodial sentence. ELP understands that Fiona maintains her innocence and intends to appeal against her conviction.


Peter Young releases a statement on the Grand Jury situation in San Diego:

"As I sit in a Madison, Wisconsin jail on federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism charges, 5 years after Justin Samuel entered a Grand Jury room to offer a „full, complete and truthful statement‰ against me regarding my alleded involvement in 6 mink farm raids in 1997, it is yet another burden upon me to hear of a current debate a debate on whether to lend support to two of the three people jailed in San Diego for refusing testimony to a grand jury. One, Nicole Fink, the girlfriend of the aforementioned informant, Justin Samuel. The other, Justin‚s friend and vocal apologist David Agranoff. Justin‚s one man PR machine in his attempt to reintegrate into the animal liberation movement. I‚m told this subject of support is one of much discussion. I feel it unfortunate that we find this debatable. That on the subject of snitches and those who enable them to walk among us, when it is not us that suffer the direct effects of informants we sit back and debate the issue from the comfort zone." Click here to read more >>


ELP has heard a rumour that Spanish Eco/Antifa activist Amanda Cerezo Garcia may have been released from prison. Does anyone know if these rumours are true or not? If anyone has any information about Amanda please let ELP know as soon as possible. Activist Search