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I just hope that our sacrifice will in turn inspire many--.

Posted by thomaspainescorner on August 23, 2009

Background (courtesy of Animal Liberation As of 7/29/09, BJ Viehl and Alex Hall were put back into custody for alleged "violation of their pretrial orders". The judge (an ex-prosecutor against "eco-terrorism") has ordered that they remain in custody pending trial.

WILLIAM "BJ" VIEHL AND ALEX HALL were originally arrested March 5, 2009 for their alleged role in a raid of a South Jordan, Utah mink farm in August, and the alleged attempted raid of a second mink farm in October. Both are being held captive in Salt Lake City Jail on charges of animal enterprise terrorism, while the real terrorists continue to trap, maim, imprison and murder thousands of innocent fur-bearing animals for their own perverted profits. Their trial has been postponed indefinitely.

Toward the end of July, I wrote letters to BJ and Alex. They both responded to me. Unfortunately, Alex was the only one who specifically granted me permission to publish his missive.

Here it is:

9:40AM 8/12/09


Thanks so much for the letter. I really appreciate it! I feel it is best that you, and others, remain here with us in spirit. I hope with all my heart that us being here is, and remains to be an inspiration, as opposed to a deterrent. I don't ever want people to stop fighting for what is right; it's just unfortunate that in some cases being a part of the fight can get you placed in a facility like this. I know that there is little I can directly do for our movement from inside these walls. I just hope that our sacrifice will in turn inspire many, many people to join our cause and aid in the fight against all atrocities that we stand against. Thank you so much for the support! Please do stay in touch.

Much love,

Alex Jason Hall XVX

P.S. This letter isn't necessarily intended to be a statement for the press. But do feel free to use it as press. I know it's not much. But do whatever with it. Haha!

Please send books and letters to:

William James (BJ) Viehl
Inmate #2009-05735
Davis County Jail
800 West State St.
Farmington, UT 84025

Alex Hall
Inmate #2009-06304
Davis County Jail
800 West State St.
Farmington, UT 84025

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