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Resource for activist activity: Bite Back. Mirrors (3 & 4)

Future Activity
   Veggies' AR Calendar -- UK: Actions in England

Simplest Act -- The Simplest ALF Action. How it might all begin...
Activists Role-- The Role of Radical Animal Activists as Information Providers to Consumers -- Joshua Frank
Terrorism -- Defining Terrorism by Steven Best and Anthony J. Nocella, II
Terrorism Rhetoric -- The Rhetoric of ‘Terrorism’ and Its Consequences
SHAC -- Information about SHAC "Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty"
Lab Liberation -- news on half a dozen lab liberations
Imposs Witness -- (Im)possible Witness: Viewing PETA’s “Holocaust on Your Plate” Nathan Snaza. Plus a response.
Human-Animal -- Two Movements and Human-Animal Continuity: Positions, Contradictions. By Barbara Noske.
Actions in Cyberspace - February 13, 2007 Photos from worldwide anti-fur protests

By Country

Western Europe

Ireland -- Actions, web sites.
England -- Actions, web sites, Hunt Sabs. AR Militia
Guernsey ARAs Take Petition to the USA
Iceland - reported to Biteback
Netherlands -- Actions, web sites
Belgium -- Actions, web sites
Luxembourg -- Actions
Germany -- Actions, web sites
Denmark - Actions
France -- Actions, web sites.
Switzerland -- Campaign for animal advocates gathers pace
Portugal -- Protestors against bullfighting, the circus and more.
Spain -- Actions, web sites
Italy -- Actions, web sites
Malta -- Actions


Norway -- Actions.  website: Dyrenes Frigjorings Front
Sweden -- Actions. website: Swedish ALF SG
Finland -- Silly little girls or dangerous terrorists? by P. Tiihonen. June '05
Estonia -- Actions. First known fur demo in Estonia
Lithuania -- AR Web site. Biteback Actions - Lithuania

Eastern Europe

Russia -- Actions.   website: Aeliberation & Animal Rights
Ukraine - Actions, websites
    Belarus Dog Shelter
Poland -- Actions.  websites: Alf_Poland & Animal-Liberation
Czech Republic.  website: Prohlaseni_Biotest
Austria -- Actions
Croatia -- Actions.  website: Prijatelji-Zivotinja
Romania -- Actions.   website: Romania Animal Rescue 
Serbia - Actions.
Bosnia - Herzogovina - WAG
Slovenia - Actions.
Slovakia - Actions.
Tisztelt �llatv�dő Koll�g�k! - Hungary
Bulgaria -- Actions
Greece, Cyprus, Crete - Actions
Latvia - Actions
Albania protest against the killing of strays
Armenia: ARAs Plan Suit Against Dolphinarium; Armenia Commits Its Own Genocide; Locks Glued at Restaurants, Hunting Shop

Middle East

Turkey -- Actions. websites: Haykod & Kurkehayir (no english link) & Seals 
Lebanon -- Actions.  website: Animals.Beirut
Egypt AR -- Actions.
United Arab Emirates -- Actions
Jordan - Lettuce Lady Arrested - July 2010
Israel -- Actions.  websites: & & One Struggle & Sogrot
Iran - Actions
Iraq - Index
Kuwait - Animal Cruelty Runs Rampant
Middle East
Bahrain Tear Gases Birds
Animal Rights Actions in Azerbaijan

North America / Central America

Canada -- Animal Liberation Front Actions - Canada. Mink Liberation.
USA -- Actions.
Mexico -- Invitation to support the birth of the AL movement in Mexico.
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic - Dogs being killed
Costa Rica
El Salvador Bans Circus Animals

South America

Sea Shepherd Strikes Deal with Guatemala to Patrol Pacific
Peru -- Rescuing Peruvian Squirrels. Wilancha.
Brazil -- Actions.  website: Midiaindependente (Portuguese)
Ecuador - Actions
Paraguay Bans Animal-Act Circuses
Argentina -- websites
Honduran village rescues macaws - help needed


5 Asian Countries Making Strides for Animals - China, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, India
Vegetarians in Mongolia
China -- Animal rights in China.
10,000 Stray Dogs To Be Shot In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Macau Has No Agenda for Animals
Taiwan - Index
Japan - Index
Thailand -- Index
Pakistan - Index
Bangladesh - Index
Sri Lanka - Index
Nepal - Index
Tibet -- Animal rights. Vegetarian Movement. Fur Protest Fire.
Hong Kong -- Angry in Hong Kong. Dogs Making a Difference.
Korea -- Vegetarian restaurants in Korea
Vietnam - Index
Malaysia - Index
Borneo Orangutans
Indonesia -- Index
Burma: Olympic games in the blood
Inside a bear bile farm in Laos; Help the Monkeys of Laos
Philippine - Index
Singapore -- Index
Afghanistan - Index
India -- AR in India.
Bhutan Bans Extreme Confinement Cages for Egg-Laying Hens

Australia / New Zealand

Australia -- Animal Protection Actions; Welfare, Open rescues, and liberations
    websites: Animal-Lib & ALV & Animal Liberation & Animal Lib QLD & AL-ACT

New Zealand -- Animal Protection Actions; Welfare, Open rescues, and liberations
    websites: Auckland Animal Action & Animal-Liberation


In Southern Sudan, A Drive to Update The Image of Cows
Sierra Leone bans capture, killing of chimps
South Africa -- Protecting the South African Seals
Congo - Poachers stopped (.pdf); Congo Gorillas
Animal Rights Group in Kenya
Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force
Ethiopia - Index
Uganda: Rafting for the Love of the Rhino
Tunisia - Index

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