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Vietnam Festival Pig Cruelty -- and Protests

One of the worst cruelties of mankind

Each year the villagers of Nem Thuong near Hanoi, brutally slaughter a pig and smear their banknotes with its blood in the belief that it will bring them luck. The festival is held on the sixth day of the first month of the lunar calendar to worship the village's deity Doan Thuong. In 2013, this slaughter is due to take place on Feb 15th.

The festival is known as the most brutal in the country and is condemned by many within Vietnam and internationally. The pig is strapped to a cradle and paraded through the village before being brutally slaughtered. The pig is cut in two pieces while fully conscious.

The Asia for Animals Coalition has started a campaign against this brutal festival:

Here people can send their protests to more than 80 embassies. It would be great, if you would spread this information and campaign Link.

There are also two petitions on this case:

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