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Coalition for Animal Freedom

Non governmental organizations (NGOs), biologists and activists related with fauna protection, have joined in a Coalition for Animal Freedom, in order to express our totally rejection about the use and management of animals as parts of shows and exhibitions as the ones presented by Waterland�s circus within the amusement park Diverland, Nueva Esparta State, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela. In the case of Waterland, established several years ago on the Island, we are astonished when the Venezuelan authorities have allowed their business despite the bad reputation they have from the mistreatment to dolphins and sea lions, reason why countries such as Argentina, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Per�, M�xico, Panam�, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico have denied the establishment in their territory and in some cases they have been assume to be involved in environmental crimes. For more information please check the following site: .

Here you will find media press, denounces, among others. The gravest act was to give to them animals confiscated and a zoo permit to be functioning in an amusement park Diverland, even though their lack of experience handling animals, as it is shown in none "biases" veterinarian�s reports (2007). All of those reports resumed with an alert call since the conditions for more than 100 animals, between them endemic species from Margarita Island, inside Waterland and Diverland were really bad. Since many letters and alert calls have been made at least the four last years to Venezuelan authorities and no response have been reported we are calling for this October 12th, 2007 a pacific concentration in front of the business Waterland- Diverland, and internationally, letters in support of the following petition will be held to consulates and embassies:

1. To stop mistreatment and deaths of cetaceans and wildlife in captivity en Waterland-Diverland. These activities should be prohibited all the World around,

2. We ask to international parties to prohibit the activities of wildlife management that includes animal exploitation.

3. We ask for an international condemn to both the activities that involve traveling circuses with marine mammals and zoos inside amusement parks.

4. To ask Venezuelan environmental authorities not to provide Waterland-Diverland with wildlife animals and to send back all of the confiscated animals to their natural environment or to rehabilitation facilities with no commercial purposes.

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