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Animal Cruelty in Waterland Circuses

Animal Cruelty in Waterland Circuses

Water Land, which originated in Cali, Colombia, established since 1996-1997 in Margarita Island, Venezuela. It is a company that has very bad international reputation, basically for abusive treatment to dolphins, sea lions and seals. A strong local animal welfare opposition kept the show from entering many countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, have denied the settlement and shows of this company in their territories. http://crueldadanimalencircos.blogspo...

The best audiovisual material that shows how this company abuses of nature is the one made by Richard O'Barry (Earthlink, 1997). The documentary shows the sad management of cetaceans that Waterland does around Argentina, Trinidad, Colombia, Maracaibo (Venezuela) and Margarita Island (Venezuela), and finally evidencing the death of a dolphin named Cheryl, and how the owners denied such death. Cheryl was dead. She had died between the afternoon of October 29 and evening of October 30, and Diver Land was covering it up. A few days later, Evan Glassett ran into the owner of the dive shop that contracts the swim program at DiverLand. He told Glassett in confidence that Cheryl had died. When asked how Cheryl had died, he replied: "Her heart burst from stress." The following morning, the Earth Undercover video team and O'Barry confronted Margarita and Roca. Both acted surprised at the mention of Cheryl. They claimed they never had four dolphins and then quite abruptly they ejected the team from the park. Ten years have passed since Richard risk his life to let us see the real face of this water circus. Many animals death have been denied and buried inside a mechanical park... we claimed for justice and instead the Environmental Ministry gave the company the permit for a zoo and they caught more than 150 animals around the island to put them inside the amusement park, full of concrete, many animals have died so far... Now Mr. O'Barry have let us show to all the dark side of that company to ask for justice of all those animals that have died in that park... in those hands... please do not let more animals to died and suffer in that terrible company...
To see the complete history of this video clik this link:
traduction: Red Social para el Bienestar de la Fauna Silvestre del Estado Nueva Esparta

Undercover video ( O'Barry)
justice for Cheryl

Richard O'Barry
In the name of the Red Social para el Bienestar de la Fauna Silvestre del Estado Nueva Esparta we thank you a lot for the permision of this material in order to make justice for Cheryl and many other animals that had died and in order to stop


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