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Stop Dog Killing in Ukraine and in Baku! (UEFA European Championship and ESC) - June 2012

Boycott for Ukraine Strays - May 2012

Animal rights activity and protecting animals is one of branches of activity of this informational unity group.

Actions Reported to Biteback - Ukraine

Animal Experimentation at Donetsk and Vivariums Nationwide - March 2012

Boycott de la Coupe du Monde de Football en Ukraine cause tuerie des Animaux - Feb 2012

November 19, 2011

Hello, I've heard that ALF is in Ukraine to help strays there. I have the homepage  and I have several applies for temporary foster homes from people who want to help.

If you need some, please contact me.

Thank you,
[email protected]

Dogs Killed for Aesthetics - Dec 2011

Ukraine calls for dog killing ban - November 2011

Ukraine uses mobile crematoriums to destroy homeless dogs - 11/2010

Protest Slaying of Stray Dogs in Ukraine - Oct 2010

Ukraine Anti-Fur Activist - February 2010

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