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Anonymous report, from Green Rainbow (click here for video from the action).


anonymous report, from Green Rainbow (translation):

"During the weekend (June 10-12), despite the rainy weather, ALF activists went into the woods near the river in the Borodyansky district of Kiev. It had become known to us that in these parts hunters use towers to shoot wild animals. Forest defenders had stumbled upon a number of these structures. A total of 12 hunting towers were destroyed.

In the forest were traces of wild boars and hares. We hope that our actions will prolong their lives.

Sabotage hunting!"


anonymous report, from Green Rainbow:

"Animal Liberation Front (Kyiv) burned the banner at the dolphinarium 'Nemo'.

We consider that the existence of any concentration camps in the world is unacceptable. The image of burning dolphin on the banner symbolizes the suffering of these wonderful and extremely intelligent animals in captivity.

We insist on the immediate closure of the dolphinarium in Kiev. This organization is designed for making the spectacle on suffering and works with obvious violations. There are several court decisions about its demolition.

Our action is not an apolitical protection of animals. We do not accept the capitalistic system, where people with money and good connections can lobby the existence of places, where the freeborn creatures are going crazy and painfully dying just for enrichment of the rich.

Dolphins to the sea!"


received anonymously:

"2 dolphins were set free from Yevpatoria dolphinarium as a result of special operation with diving equipment.
During the night of the full moon on 20/07/2013 we covered 2 km under water and breached security perimeter: we cut the nets and entered dolphin containment pools.
In the next hour we cut large part of perimeter barrier. Dolphins encouraged our efforts with clicks and whistling. Their support filled us with joy and excitement.
This has been an unforgettable meeting and encouraging experience for us. Our job done, we left the area of operation.
By the way, the prison was equipped with night-vision cameras, but their red eyes were turned on the catwalks and audience seats.
Nobody expected our approach from below. As soon as dolphins got wind of freedom and open water, they escaped into the night sea.

ALF/FAI SEALS on tour"


reported by activists in Ukraine:

"Ukraine, Kiev.
Excavator torched.

In the night of 02/10/2012 anonymous activists attacked a clearcut site on the 'Bald Mountain'. A LIEBHERR excavator fell victim to their arson. Clearcut coordinates:
We take this opportunity to report about a similar action at the same location on the 20/03/2012 ("


reported on

"Tree spiking in Ternopol municipal park. Ukraine.

This act of ecotage is in response to development plans of a local construction company: it intends to destroy a public park to make room for private living blocks.

We spiked trees with huge nails, so the developer will have to bring in heavy equipment in order to destroy those trees. But construction vehicles can be taken care of as well!"


received anonymously:

"Kiev. Roads sabotaged in sanctuary.

On the night of 08.09 Kiev eco-activists dug a trench
cutting the only road that led to the sanctuary 'Zhukov Ostrov', a habitat of several rare species of animals.
Kievan middle and upper class has developed a bad habit of using
SUVs for weekend hikes to forests and riverbanks.
The act was an attempt to make such kind of communion with nature more difficult."


received anonymously:

"Crematory bombed in dog death camp by ALF-FAI, Chernigov, Ukraine

'The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.'
- Leonardo Da Vinci

'The way we treat animals is measure of us as human beings. Without animals there will be no humanity. In a world devoid of animal and plant life, human life will cost less than nothing.'
- Somebody we wholeheartedly support

... Thus on the 9th of May (Victory Day in ex-USSR) we approached local solid waste landfill. Our target was company tasked with capture and disposal of stray animals, cages with captured stray dogs, crematory and company office. It is worth mentioning that company office sported a sign that read 'Veterinary'. Animal care service in the middle of garbage heap - civilizational paradox. It would seem that animal care services should work for the benefit of animals, not municipal authorities.

However, we failed in our plan to damage or destroy the whole infrastructure: ruckus raised by the imprisoned dogs alarmed us to the presence of night-time shift that operated the facility during dark hours. Several minutes later a pack of local strays appeared. Turned out they essentially served as extra custodians, guarding imprisoned dogs from escape and whole site from sabotage. It is ironic how mankind activity reproduces the 'victim-prison guard' model in animal world: strays living at the site earn their living by guarding other sentenced to death dogs. Just like collaborating Jews who chose to uphold law and order in Nazi death camps.

So we agreed upon bombing crematory and proceeded with planting a gas bomb inside the oven. We did this under the lights of passing-by garbage trucks and in full view of local workers. 20 minutes later the bomb went off with a characteristic 'boobooh'. This was our cleansing rite for souls of cremated dogs.

We are not experienced in blowing up crematories, nor do we have any big expectations in regard to the outcome of this attack. A terrible law aimed against stray animals is passed on the eve of the World Football Cup that will take place in Ukraine this year. We speak of the animals who didn't choose to live in the city streets, who ended up there by human will and civilization logic of development. Well, the masks of humane animal care and 'westerness' are dropped now: municipal services are expected to hunt and kill our four-legged brothers and sisters. This is a bloody cleaning in anticipation of guests from 'civilized West'. And it is the same shit that has been carried out in Russia already: several years ago, for 'Eurovision'.

Russian and Ukranian animal rights activists are organizing vigils and try to raise public awareness on the issue, while crematories of these modern-age death camps work 24/7. This action is our meager input in common case. Small and inconsequential in the big picture, yet filled with sincere outrage and determination. Animals are forced to live in the world of humans. In a world where many humans would choose not to live: a world where statistics, expected income and revenue reign supreme over the value of life.

It is hard not to notice: cruelty towards those who stand 'below' in the hierarchy of species gives birth to the cruelty and coldness towards other human beings. And vice versa: if we are taught that it is okay to live with prison system for humans (with all its macabre attributes and features of suppression and coercion), then how much easier it is for us to agree upon an existence of death camps for 'lesser' animals? Fused into the disgusting back loop scheme these dual relations suck from us all that is left of humanity and dignified attitude.

This attack was carried out in a flaming spirit of solidarity with anti-prison struggle conducted by other FAI cells world-wide, especially with members of Imprisoned Cell of Members of CCF (Greece). Your willpower and readiness to fight inspire us. Olga! Inability to directly help you turns us into wild beasts: stalking local wilderness we search for and seek to destroy all the injustice we can. Strength and good will to Eat and Billy, imprisoned members of Indonesian FAI, and their comrades on the run. Same for Silvia, Costa and Billy,as well as Marco Camenisch � dignified anticivilazionists. Luca and other italian anarchists, who ended up under state repression for their NO TAV struggle! Tortuga from $hilian state! Take heart! The struggle continues! Hang in there!

Two sequoias, ALF, Informal Anarchist Federation/ International Revolutionary Front

P.S. In response to the recent communique, published by the 'Olga' cell of FAI. Friends! To the list of Finmeccanica's sins we can add two more: this concern is in the process of brokering a deal with russian authorities, aiming to sell wheeled lightly armored vehicles and wheeled tanks � equipment ill-suited to WW2-style warfare, but ideal for fighting insurgents (in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and elsewhere throughout Russian Federation) and crushing civil uprisings like the ones that have recently lit the streets of russian cities."


received anonymously:

"10 kms of interstate highway staked out for extension were sabotaged last week in Northern Ukraine.

Although some could argue that activism like this is not even worth mentioning (that's our own attitude on the matter, for example, like shoplifting or stensils), we do find it necessary to mention the act.

First reason is an important notice that usually fails to make its way into minds of some of our comrades. While it is important to respond to System offensive actions (like reactive attacks that took place in Kharkov and Saint-Petersburgh and Moscow and basically everywhere, where eco-anarchists RESPOND to raping of Nature), we find it more important to continue our attacks on technology and its means of destruction of nature even when no concrete offense is taking place.
In our case we just happened upon some old highway extension project, which, like many costly projects in Ukraine, was suspended because of awful economy of the country. Mother-Nature has already started reclaiming the area, with grass and dirt covering plates of concrete and some survey stakes.

But its obvious for everyone living in here that projects like this (interstate highway between Moscow and Kiev) will be put to life, for example as soon as next billion of dollars gets send by IMF or something.
So our small vagabond group of earth liberationists went to vandalism as soon as survey stakes were noticed. Just to help the Wild and hasten the process. We do believe the task was worth it.

And the reason for this is the thing that's often lost in communiques of our comrades world-wide. Its the most wonderful and magical feeling of communion with nature. When one does not only feels invigorated and excited because of his deeds, but something extraordinary happens, that gives hope and provides the momentum necessary for continuation of our project.

During the process of (tiresome and dangerous 'cause of police intervention) joyful destruction, our hungry and thirsty band (reasons for our thirst and hunger being banal travel from point A to point B) kept stumbling upon bountiful bushes of wild sweetbriar, so that we managed to fill ourselves and eat/suck the juices to our delight.
It is in moments like this that one gets to really appreciate the connection that comes into being when one turns away from civilization and towards untamed Wild.

- International ELF/FAI"


Gorky Park

reported by activists in Ukraine (photo from

"In the night of 28.08.2011 3 wheeled loaders were torched in Gorky Park (Kharkov, Ukraine). The incident is reported by local municipal authorities. Police and firefighter brigades have been at work on the scene since morning. Firefighters announced that vehicles were "intentionally put to fire".

Chief engineer of Gorky Park, Oleg Grinenko, mentioned that loaders had just started their work in park. The belonged to a subcontractor whose task was to provide for new road infrastructure. One of the destroyed loader's market price was estimated as $60 000.

Since the beginning of work construction on may 2011 (road is supposed to cut through the biggest park in the city), the construction site saw numerous ecotage actions, expropriations of construction equipment and mass protests."


received anonymously:

"In the heat of tourist season a group of dedicated friends of wildlife made a rampaging vandal tour around one of the most famous and oft-visited hunting resorts in the Crimea mountains. Hunting roads were sabotaged (signs were destroyed to disorientate newcomers in the forest) and hunting signs repainted in a creative way to read things like 'Hunt is murder', 'ALF/ELF', '(A)/(E)'

- 'Ghosts of the Valley', Crimean Mountains"


action report by activists in Ukraine:

"Dear friends!
18.02.10, after the action against the fur industry the guardians of fur salon �Fashion Furs� detained young activist Eugene Voloschuk.
After detention guards was beating him inside the salon near four hours. Eugene was taken to the police where police and Security Service continued to do him physical and moral pressure to compel them to give evidence needs to themselves and their comrades. As a result of beatings in the police office, Eugene became ill, but in providing medical assistance was refused. As we learned relatively Eugene Voloshchuk was prosecuted under Article 296 of Criminal Code of Ukraine part 4. He faces from 3 to 7 years imprisonment.

We demand the immediate release and end the prosecution of Eugene!"

Please contact Bite Back for more information about how to support Eugene.

Fashion Furs

Fashion Furs

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