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"World Week for Animals in Labs" Demo Held at UCSF, April 26th, 2006
by Mich

    To mark the 19th annual World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL), In Defense of Animals joined with Vigil For Animals to protest the University of California, San Francisco's (UCSF's) cruel use of dogs in highly controversial taxpayer-funded medical experiments. By educating the public, we can help end the pointless suffering of these exploited animals.

Animals are still being tortured in dark-age experiments (or what they call research) at universities all over the country, including right in our backyard at UCSF (University of California San Francisco), UC Davis, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley and Stanford University. These experiments include pumping dogs' hearts to high speeds to cause heart attacks, separating infant monkeys from their mothers to study depression, and intentionally creating diseases in animals that do not resemble the human condition. Also, brain-mapping experiments are alarmingly prevalent because they can be done endlessly to collect infinite amounts of meaningless and useless data on infinite types of scenarios including depriving kittens of sleep, sewing their eyes shut, cutting their eye muscles, or deafening them. The cats will be paralyzed for several days on end while their brains are cut open and poked until they die. Monkeys are forced into restraint-chairs to have their brain literally poked directly with wires while they are completely alert and forced to perform hand motions or eye movements. The endless brain-mapping sessions will be performed after they are injured via all kinds of methods imaginable, including cutting their spinal cords, cutting out parts of their brains, injecting nerve toxins, cutting up their eyes, cementing vision-distorting goggles on their faces, forcing them to wear microphone-headphones to listen to electronically distorted versions of their own calls of distress, forcing them to perform repetitive tasks to injure their motor nerves, and so on. These experiments are incredibly prevalent at all universities, most of which are funded with our tax dollars by our government.

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To this day, because animal researchers and universities have so much to gain in the way of grant dollars from the government, people are continually being brainwashed into thinking that animal experiments are necessary when in fact they are not. Better methods are available which are humane, ethical, and more applicable to humans. For an explanation, please visit