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Fur Wars Heat Up: A.L.F. is on the Warpath!
from No Compromise Issue 4
By JP Goodwin

It was reported in the last issue that the Animal Liberation Front had declared war on fur farmers and was going all out in an intense campaign for mink liberation. June, July, and August saw as many actions against mink farms as the whole year before that.

On June 7th the A.L.F. made their first attack against a Utah fur farm. The A.L.F. had already smashed one local retailer up so many times that they had put a sign in the window reading "No Fur Products Sold Here Anymore". This time they went into the Fur Breeders Agriculture Co-op in Sandy, and liberated 50-75 mink. Apparently this raid marked the beginning of what appears to be a long, hot summer for Utah fur farmers.

Three weeks later the A.L.F. struck again, this time in Riverton, Utah. They reported that some mink were dead in their cages while others were piled up under the cages, rotting in the other minks feces. Some mink were cannibalized, and the whole place was filthy. The A.L.F. opened the cages and freed 1000 mink who ran into nearby fields enjoying their new found freedom.

At some point in the month of June the A.L.F. struck in Washington state. We don't have any details except that 80 mink were liberated. This cell did not report the name of the city, name of the farm, or the date that it happened.

July 4th turned out to be a true independence day for animals. In Langley, British Columbia the A.L.F. raided the Akagami mink ranch and released 400 animals. We called the mink farmer posing as reporters and spoke with his wife. She claimed that the mink would starve to death as they hadn't been trained to hunt for food. She then shot holes in that myth by claiming that the liberated mink had killed and eaten a dozen geese in the area. So much for starvation!

On the same night, another A.L.F. cell raided the Latzig mink ranch in Howard Lake, Minnesota. Another 1000 mink were liberated this time. This led to massive media coverage. Myself and Freeman Wicklund from Animal Liberation League did numerous media interviews and debates, explaining that now these mink had a chance at life, whereas before, death was certain.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran quotes from CAFT refuting the fur farmers claims that the mink wouldn't survive. The public was educated to the fact that mink have escaped from fur farms in many places where there were no native mink populations. Not only did they survive, they reproduced. This proves that ranch raised mink still have the natural instincts necessary for survival in the wild. The alternative is death in a gas chamber, or by broken neck.

Another A.L.F. cell reported that they were going to carry out a third raid on Mac Ellis Fox Farm in Tennessee, but that the place was now out of business. Apparently this is a result of last falls raid which saw the release of half the fox on that farm.

The A.L.F. didn't stop there. The next target was Holt Mink Ranch in South Jordan, Utah. Utah fur farmers are scared. They have been installing heavy duty fencing with aluminum plates along the top that make a lot of noise when someone tries to go over them. Holt had installed this sort of fencing, but the A.L.F. took it apart, cut it down, and rolled up. They also smashed the new locks on all of the cages. 3000 mink were released, but police arrived and the group had to evacuate. TV news reported that damage to breeding cards alone amounted to $35,000.

The A.L.F. struck next in Hinsdale, Massachusetts at the Carmel Mink Ranch. 1,000 mink were released. The August 10th action led to national coverage. Even CNN reported on the raid. Two nights later the A.L.F. was in Alliance, Ohio for another break in that led to the liberation of 2,500 mink. Though some mink have been recovered at each site, many are now free, and the industry is going ballistic.

These raids have been very successful. So successful that the fur industry will do almost anything to stop them from occurring. They have put out a $100,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of any A.L.F. activist involved in a fur farm raid. One fur auction house has taken out an insurance policy for any fur farmers which ship through them. They are worried that their farmers will start closing up as a result of this. They are already spending millions of dollars in extra security nationwide.

The industry has produced a booklet that they are sending out to farmers. This booklet describes security techniques that they can adopt. Security techniques which the A.L.F. dismantled in Utah, putting the industry to shame. We haven't gotten a copy of the booklet yet.

Sadly, some so called "animal defenders" are not so supportive of these raids. Ann Davis of the Salt Lake City, Utah based Animal Rights Alliance has stated that she has already talked to the FBI, and will continue to do so. The FBI is working for the fur industry. Anyone that works with them is working hand in hand with the fur trade and is a traitor. If you don't want to be investigated then don't associate with turncoats. With friends like these, the mink are screwed.

Let it be stated loud and clear, that myself and the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade support these actions 100%. We will never, ever, ever work with anyone who helps the FBI stop the A.L.F.. Put yourself in the minks place and think of how it must feel. Merritt Clifton of Animal People magazine has spread outright lies and misinformation about the mink liberation campaign. Would these people rather see these mink piled up in a gas chamber while the fur trade gets rich? Apparently so.

Fortunately, most animal rights activists realize that this is one of the best things to happen in a long time. The A.L.F. looks like they won't stop, and the authorities are nowhere near catching them.

JP Goodwin is the Executive Director of the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade. He can be reached via e-mail at

This just in! Three more fur farms raided! On September 28, 8,000 mink were released from a farm in Alliance, Ohio - This is the largest release to date! On October 2nd, thousands of mink were freed from a Utah farm. And on October 6th, the A.L.F. liberated 35 fox and 10 mink, and damaged the farm equipment at a Lindboro, New Hampshire farm. That makes 18 known fur farm raids in one year, with over 30,000 animals released!

Be sure to read the next issue of No Compromise for further updates of the A.L.F.'s campaign of mink liberation!