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Largest Mink Farm in the Country is Currently on Fire

Uby Peter Young
october 28, 2013 pdated 1:59 PST

A storage barn at the Zimbal Minkery is reportedly on fire as of noon, Monday. This story is still breaking, but here’s what is known:

A pole barn is currently on fire at the farm, located at 6438 Abraham Court in Oostburg, WI; just outside of Sheboygan.

This farm is the largest fur farm in the country, with over 200,000 mink.

Early reports say it is a sawdust fire that has caused an estimated $2,000 damage to one of the barn walls and about $20,000 to $30,000 in damage to equipment.

This is the second large mink farm in a two-state area to go up in flames in the past two weeks. On October 12th, a processing building at the Sonnenberg Mink Farm in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota went up in flames. No animals were hurt. It is believed the farm is the largest fur farm in Minnesota. The cause of the fire is unknown, but was speculated to be “accidental”.

This story will be updated as more information comes in.


Are the mink safely out of harms way?!

Yippee – sorry but this is such good news. I hope all these murdering animal farms burn down

That was exactly my thought Labradford. The article says no animals were hurt, but just living on a fur farm is torture for minks. I hope the farm has to close!

I am so happy I am in tears, that this farm burned down, with hopefully no harm to these precious creatures. These fur farm monsters must be stopped. I pray for the safety of all those from the organization that risk their lives and jail time, for this cause.


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