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Win Animal Rights, NYC, Aug-Sept 08

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New York City
August 22 - September 28, 2008

Since our return from AR2008 in Washington DC on August 18th, Win Animal Rights activists have been busy protecting and defending the rights of animals on the streets of New York City. We have been so busy that we have just posted a backlog of demo reports on the WAR website. Here is a summary of the 30 protests and events that were staged in the past 5 weeks, with links to the actual reports, all of which include pictures. The protests include advocacy for laboratory animals, fur bearers and marine mammals.

09/28/08 - Baker & Basso & Novartis, Oh My! Sunday Visits for Animal Killers & Abusers

09/24/08 - WAR Protests Drug Pushers Attending Windhover Conference in NYC

09/21/08 - Relentless Campaign Against HLS Customer Novartis

09/20/08 - Offensive Fifth Avenue Furriers Feel Full Activist Wrath

09/13/08 - WAR Continues to Pressure HLS Customers Novartis & Bristol-Myers Squibb

09/07/08 - WAR Focuses on HLS Investor Barclays and Customer Novartis

09/04/08 - International Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

09/01/08 - Beware Fur Hags and Fur Ghouls, WAR is On Your Trail!

08/31/08 - HLS CEO Baker, Customers: Sanofi, Novartis and Bristol-Myers Squibb & Supplier Staples

08/23/08 - WAR Focuses on LSR Investor Barclays Global Investors & Staples

08/22/08 - Jammin EAST REV Punk Show Benefits WAR Campaigns

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Oct 10 - 11 Activate & Agitate for Political Prisoners

Oct 11 - 19 National Primate Liberation Week

Oct 24 - 31 SHAC Scary Science Week - Protest HLS Customers

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