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Utah Primate Freedom Protests

Domestic violence hearings rarely draw a crowd, but when U researcher Audie Leventhal was in court yesterday a handful of protestors picketed.

Leventhal, who was in court on domestic abuse charges, is one among four U researchers who have been targeted by the group Utah Primate Freedom for their "horrendous" experiments on primates. Leventhal, who plead not guilty to the domestic abuse charge, could not be reached for comment on this article.

Demonstrators decked in black carried signs outside the court building stating, "Audie Leventhal abuses alcohol, animals and his wife."

The organization alleges that a group of U researchers who they refer to as the "filthy four" are conducting horrible acts in the name of science that will one day be likened to Nazi war crimes and slavery. They claim that the research has yielded no cures and has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of primates.
Members of Utah Primate Freedom staged four separate protests outside the homes of U researchers in the month of October alone, generally late at night.

full story: 2007/01/09/News/Animal.Rights.Group.Targets.U.Researchers-2606127.shtml?norewrite200701090737&

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