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Utah protesters want Lagoon to close animal exhibits

Farmington -- Amor Adam stood by the road, watching cars loaded with kids his age drive by on their way to a day of thrills at nearby Lagoon Amusement Park.

Like them, 11-year-old from Salt Lake City was thinking of Lagoon -- and one ride in particular.

"I came here today because I don't like cruelty to animals," said Adam, who joined more than 30 other people protesting the animal exhibits at the popular amusement park. "They have animals stuck in small cages. They need bigger habitats and a natural habitat is the perfect place."

The protest was arranged by the Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC). The group has staged several other protests this spring near Lagoon with the goal of helping the amusement park find new homes for the roughly 80 animals seen by visitors on the Wild Kingdom Train ride.

Jordan Kasteler organized the protests and created the website  to publicize that the amusement park has been cited "numerous times" by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for violations ranging from failing to provide veterinary care to sick and dying animals to filthy enclosures and not enough space for the animals.

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