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It's not like Jackie Conn needed more to do. As a detective with the Anchorage Police Department -- Detective of the Year in 2008, in fact -- she's in the theft unit, and there's no shortage of sticky fingers in this town.

Plus, she's a single mother with four kids, two cats and a tiny dog named Tank that rely on her.

So no, she didn't heap animal cruelty cases on top of her workload because she had time on her hands. She started squeezing them in around the edges because she loves animals and wants people who abuse them held accountable.

Conn took on the cruelty cop role unofficially at first, then officially as of October. She's still a theft detective, but this is the first time APD has had a designated officer to funnel cases to.

That means fewer animal cruelty cases getting lost under the radar.

A big part of Conn's new role is increasing awareness of how animal cruelty in a home may be a symptom of other kinds of crimes -- domestic violence and child abuse in particular.


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