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Joaquin Fuster Demo Wrap Up!

Saturday April 24th, activists legally picketed against UCLA primate vivisector
Joaquin Fuster in his upscale neighborhood in Mandeville Canyon, California!

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Joaquin Fuster is vivisecting on rhesus monkeys, allegedly to study “human” attention, perception and memory. Fuster recently requested increased water deprivation for the monkeys on which he is vivisecting, stating "At the present deprivation limit, the animals are simply not sufficiently motivated to learn and perform the experimental tasks." Fuster vivisects fully conscious monkeys who are forced into body restraint devices from which they cannot escape, then metal bolts are implanted into their heads and electrodes are inserted into their brains. The primates are deprived of water for 22 hours a day, and the maximum amount of water they are given for the remaining 2 hours is a mere 350 ml. Fuster has done disgusting and perverted things to primates for over fifty years; it's time he stops his monstrous behavior.

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