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Mercy for Animals releases disturbing footage of Pig Farm abuse;
Oakton Community College pledges to stop using live animals
On Monday, Mercy for Animals, an animal rights group based in Chicago, Illinois, released a video exclusive to Fox News depicting several disturbing abuses committed against pigs in a central Pennsylvania pig farm. According to Fox News, the video allegedly shows baby pigs being picked up by their ears and thrown to other employees, pregnant pigs being kept in �very small pens� and other abuses which were so disturbing that Fox News refused to show them.

In other words, Mercy for Animals succeeded in producing a video so
disturbing that Fox News--whose television network sibling has
produced some of the strangest, most bizarre and exploitative reality
television shows--would not sure parts of it due to their content.
Which means its some seriously disturbing footage.
While the video of the pigs being mistreated may put a damper in
animal rights activists steps, news from Oakton Community College
(located in Des Plaines, a suburb of Chicago) should make them
happier. After a concerned student contacted People For The Ethical
Treatment of Animals (PETA) about a professor from the school cutting open �live rats and mudpuppies� in order to study how their organs worked.

Needless to say, the student was upset. However, after much pressure
from the animal rights organization, Oakton Community College pledged recent to stop using live animals for all of its classes.

full story: mercy_for_animals_and_oakton_community _college_1116200932377200/ (Reporting by Maggie Fox, editing by Alan Elsner)

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