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Pound Seizures in North Carolina

We live in a small town, Haw River ...Pop 2500 and our
"Town Council"
is trying to pass an ordinance saying that we can only
have 3 dogs per household. (It started at 2)..some of
us have more than 3 and we have alot of rescue
groups. The shelter is in our town,(run by the city of
Burlington) is overpopulated now, and is used by
at least 3 cities, also the county.
The county(Alamance) has a contract with
Carolina Biological lab selling
live and dead animals from the shelter. We have proof of this, as the city gave us a paper saying they made $9000 for dogs.... from July of last year to May of this year..they wouldn't tell us how much per or how many...

The kicker is the town sends a newsletter out every
month with the "Happenings" This months cover story
was that the Towns new "Spay and Neuter" clinic was
open for business...and that the shelter had taken in
over 9000 animals last year.
Now think about this....We were told that 6000 were
euthanized...and that 1000 were adopted..what
happened to the other 2000? also they were going to
try and up the adoption rate...How??

If they pass this ordinance, they kill more (for profit)
to make room for ours (we get 90 days to comply)
and then what? Ours go down too....
We started a petition, have contacted the AKC,
(they are supposed to show)..and were wondering
what other ideas you might have to stop this
Thank you for taking the time to read this
C Haith

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