Saturday April 24th, activists legally picketed against UCLA primate vivisector David Jentsch in his upscale neighborhood near the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. MORE Picket Wrap Up's Coming Soon!

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David Jentsch is a sick, perverted, primate vivisector who addicts primates to Crystal Meth and other terrible drugs like PCP. His official title is “ Associate Professor for Neuropsychopharmaco logy Using Animal Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders.” He has done hundreds of primate experiments, publishing papers in obscure journals for his own ego and profit. Nothing that will help humans has ever come from any of his torturous experiments on non-human primates. Some of his most recent titles of the papers he's published says it all: "Neurochemical Determinants of Methamphetamine- Induced Cognitive Deficits in Monkeys,” “Dimensions of Impulsivity Are Associated with Poor Spatial Working Memory Performance in Monkeys" and "Frontal Cortical Dopaminergic Dysfunction Correlates with Impaired Cognitive Performance in Monkeys After Long-Term Phencyclidine Administration. "

In this experiment he attempts to create "human schizophrenia" in vervet monkeys by addicting primates to the monstrous drug PCP, making them psychotic. Jentsch forces non-human primates to perform tests while receiving chronic and heavy doses of phencyclidine (PCP). He states, "The effects of these drugs will be assessed in vivo using a tracer and microPET." Then he kills the primates and takes measurements of their brain dopamine levels.

Primates do not use street drugs, nor do they develop "human schizophrenia" , nor can they describe what they are feeling to the experimenter. But for the blood money he receives off the pain, misery and death of these primates, Jentsch continues to perform these evil experiments. Imagine primates purposefully addicted to a monstrous drug like PCP in order to make them psychotic so that Jentsch can study “human” schizophrenia. James David Jentsch is truly one of the most evil individuals in the entire world. Jentsch, like the other primate vivisectors at UCLA, has the blood and misery of primates dripping from his hands.

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