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USA Edythe London Picket Wrap Up

Saturday April 24th, activists legally picketed against UCLA primate vivisector
Edythe London in her upscale neighborhood in Westwood, California
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Edythe London is a primate vivisector at UCLA who oversees a multi-million dollar grant program addicting primates to Crystal Methamphetamines. In essence, she turns healthy primates, held captive in steel cages into “tweakers” while legitimate drug rehabilitation centers’ flounder for lack of funds. The lab she oversees restrains these poor monkeys in draconian head restraint devices in order to inject drugs like Crystal Methamphetamines into their veins forcing them to become addicted. Then these poor primates are tied down and blood is taken from them repeatedly. PET scans and other invasive tests are also done to the primates. After all this torture, she kills them and studies their brains.

Substance abuse is an area of inquiry that should lend itself admirably to clinical studies. But instead of evaluating the psychosocial and demographic parameters of a uniquely human problem, Edythe and her smarmy co-workers elect to torture and abuse innocent primates to examine the effects of addiction in a species that does not naturally engage in volitional self-intoxication, cannot communicate their experiences, and from whom test results cannot be extrapolated to people.

Edythe also studies nicotine addiction and is paid to do so through a handsome endowment by the private Phillip Morris Tobacco Company. Edythe and her co-authors explained that two monkeys were administered 37.5 mg/kg of nicotine daily. This is the equivalent of between 13 and 17 packs of cigarettes a day. The monkeys were housed in solitary confinement - a known cause of insanity and self-mutilation in rhesus monkeys - and then killed at the end of the experiment in order to examine their brains.

It seems Edythe is also studying "hemiparkinsonianism" in monkeys. This is not even a real human condition, but rather something artificially induced in primates with no relevance to Parkinson's disease in humans.

A career vivisector at UCLA since 1999, London is a professor (not a medical doctor) in two departments at the David Geffen School of Medicine: Psychiatry Bio-behavioural Sciences and Molecular & Medical Pharmacology. (Didn't London learn in Psych 101 that animal abuse is the hallmark symptom of psychopathology? How would you label a human being who can get up every morning and spend her day abusing, torturing and terrorizing animals? We label her as EVIL.

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