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Twelve ARAs Illegally Arrested Near Home of Vivisector

Forwarded to me by SYITS:


Contact: John Uribe Esq.  213 216.1300

Los Angeles: Twelve peaceful animal rights activists were illegally arrested Saturday near the home of Edythe London, notorious UCLA employee known for addicting non-human primates to methamphetamines and nicotine. While acting completely within the law, activists were summarily rounded up and arrested by rogue UCLA police intent on stopping a constitutionally-protected picket. Identical demonstrations have occurred in the area for several years without arrests.

Edythe London is a long time primate "vivisector" (vivisection is the act of performing torturous and mutilating experiments on animals). London injects and addicts monkeys to methamphetamines (turning them into tweakers, so to speak), before strapping them into leather restraints, doing "PET scans" on them and then killing them. She also addicts primates to nicotine, using money provided by a grant from the Phillip Morris Company, as well as having used underage teens for the study as well.

For the past two years, UCLA police and the LAPD have watched and filmed activists marching past and around Edythe London's 'toney' neighborhood in Westwood, California and never cited or arrested any activist under the municipal code cited on Saturday for the arrests. After imprisonment for several hours, all the activists were released without bail. A hearing has been set for June 15 the Airport Municipal Court in Los Angeles.

A 'Legal Observer' with formal training from the National Lawyers Guild was at the scene of the arrests videotaping UCLA police harassment and states “UCLA police made the arrests while activists were marching on the sidewalk by another home two doors from London's.” Police then proceeded to CONFISCATE the legal observer's video tape of the entire day's legal picketing, as well as hundreds of dollars worth of posters, a banner depicting horrible images of primates in the laboratory's of UCLA and other laboratories and a five foot "stuffed animal" created to look like a monkey being experimented on hanging from a cross.

The legal observer is certain UCLA police will alter or erase her videotape: "This has happened before with videotapes confiscated by police showing official misconduct and/or proving activists were within the law."

A motion is being filed today by the defendants counsel, attorneys John J. Uribe and David Tannenbaum, to preserve ALL the evidence confiscated at the scene; they are asking a court to have the videotape or a copy released back to the legal observer immediately before UCLA has the chance to alter the tape.

During the arrests, a sympathetic neighbor came over to the legal observer and stated "UCLA has millions of dollars and try to push their weight around whenever and wherever they want to."

After being release from jail, the nine adults and the three minors vowed to continue doing legal pickets with renewed determination. One of the arrestees stated, “We were singing in jail songs like ‘We Shall Overcome’ and others and were completely united in our US Constitutional and California Constitutional rights to be able to legally picket on side walks that we pay taxes for. The three minors parents who had to come to the jail to pick them up, are very proud of the teenagers for spending a Saturday afternoon exercising their freedom of assembly and speech for a noble cause instead of doing what most teens their age are doing, either getting high on drugs, alcohol or having sex with other teenagers. The parents have pride that their teenagers are socially aware and are using what our founding fathers put into the Constitution in order to allow the public to make changes when innocent beings are being oppressed, tortured, mutilated and killed because they don’t have a voice.”

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