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UCLA Mobile Demo Wrap June 14, 2008

Subject: primfocus: Fw: June 14th Demo Wraps!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

LOS ANGELES/SANTA MONICA - Animal rights activists from Los Angeles and surrounding areas convened for a meeting, free vegan lunch and follow-up mobile demos in the neighborhoods of UCLA primate vivisectors Arthur Rosenbaum (Westwood); Joaquin Fuster (Mandeville Canyon); and Nelson Freimer (Santa Monica).

Arthur Rosenbaum purports to simulate strabismus ("crossed" eye) by immobilizing primates in draconian head and body restraining devices, injecting the paralytic drug Botox into their ocular musculature and affixing metal coils (electronic force transducers) to their sclerae when a simple corrective procedure for the defect has been known and performed for at least the past six decades. He does these experiments for this reason and this one reason alone; PAPER CURRENCY! Activists took to his expensive hood to let the neighbors know how Arthur squanders their hard-earned taxpayer dollars to torture animals for obscene NIH grants. Activists chanted, "We will never compromise while Arthur sticks coils in primates' eyes!" and spoke about the issues as his 24/7 private security goons frantically videotaped the legal picket.

Protesters then took off to visit the very upscale neighborhood of Joaquin Fuster - career primate vivisector for decades, now - who drills holes into the skulls of monkeys into which he implants electrodes while claiming to investigate human memory. This simpering and dottering long-time animal abuser refuses to retire and somehow doesn't grasp that it would be so much more ethical and productive to administer memory tests to human volunteers! Activists chanted and recited campaign concerns and objectives. Of course, there were the requisite couple of residents beside themselves having to listen to twenty minutes regarding what Fuster does to primates and they appeared to be completely indifferent to these revelations of daily primate torture at their local institution of "higher" learning. But some other neighbors were very interested and stated they didn't want Fuster living on their street!

Finally, the demonstrators moved on to the neighborhood of Nelson Freimer. Little Nels is a fulminating psychopath studying "impulse control," stress and human behavior conditions such as "bipolar disorder" in primates. He derives special pleasure from depriving primates of water and separating the infants from their mothers to cause stress in order to "study" stress in humans. Anyone care to place bets that he walks around the lab guzzling ice water while his thirsty prisoners watch? Anyone care to wager on the rise in his Levi's as he does so?

All these sick putzes murder - oh, excuse us, we meant to say "sacrifice" of course - these innocent primates at the end of their experiments. Citations, arrests, TRO's (Temporary Restraining Orders) - whatever! Caring and compassionate activists will not back down until these congenitally criminally insane monsters stop torturing and murdering innocent primates and engage in legitimate non-animal research.

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