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Demo V.S. Three Univ. of California Primate Abusers

Activists Demonstrate Against Three University of California at Los Angeles Primate Abusers on Valentine's Day

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Los Angeles, California: Protesters rallied against primate vivisection at UCLA on Valentine's Day to protest the mutilation, torture and murder of non-human primates at the hands of abusive non-physicians intent on enhancing their own careers with the blood of the innocent.

First up was vivisector Dario Ringach's neighborhood. As you can see from the pictures, Dario has a "rent-a-cop" in front of his home twenty-four seven! This must make his family feel like Dario is a mobster for some drug cartel, (although mobsters don't commit nearly the gruesome, hideous things to innocent beings as Dario does to primates on a regular basis.) But Ringach is definitely a criminal who perpetrates horrific atrocities on primates, so we assume that his family must be getting used to living with a "rent a cop" outside. It appears from the latest evidence that Ringach has resumed doing vision experiments on innocent non-human primates, confining them in metal restraint devices and inserting electrodes into their brains, gluing metal coils on to their eyeballs and then allowing them to suffer immeasurable pain before killing them.

As the pictures indicate, neighbors came out from many of the near-by houses, took leaflets and talked to activists about how much they hate their neighbor Dario for doing "hellish primate experimentation." One, in fact, gave an activist the name of the school one of his offspring attends! Activists plan on legally leafleting the school in order to educate fellow students what their classmate's father does for a living.

Two days after this picket took place, Dario Ringach dressed himself up in a coat and tie, (he didn't wear his scrubs splattered with the blood of primates, obviously) and tried to trick the students at a UCLA forum into thinking he was a respectable person; ACTIVISTS KNOW BETTER. You can dress 'em up, but you can't take away the fact that when they're at work they are engaged in atrocities against primates beyond anyone's comprehension, and hopefully someday he will get his comeuppance for the evil he does to innocent animals.

Next stop was Edythe London. The lab she oversees restrains rhesus monkeys in draconian head-restraint devices in order to inject drugs like crystal methamphetamines and nicotine into their veins to force them to become addicted. Then these poor primates are tied down and blood is taken from them. PET scans and other, invasive tests are also done to the primates. Edythe is also studying "hemiparkinsonianism" in monkeys. This is not even a real human condition, but rather something artificially induced in primates with no relevance to Parkinson's disease in humans. Edythe London is pure scum.

Third on the list of primate torturers was David Jentch. David Jentsch is a sick, perverted, primate vivisector who addicts primates to Crystal Meth and other terrible drugs like PCP. His official title is “Associate Professor for Neuropsychopharmacology Using Animal Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders.” He has done hundreds of primate experiments, publishing papers in obscure journals for his own ego and profit. Nothing that will help humans has ever come from any of these torturous experiments on non-human primates, and never will. Some recent titles of papers he's published say it all: "Neurochemical Determinants of Methamphetamine-Induced Cognitive Deficits in Monkeys,” “Dimensions of Impulsivity Are Associated with Poor Spatial Working Memory Performance in Monkeys" and "Frontal Cortical Dopaminergic Dysfunction Correlates with Impaired Cognitive Performance in Monkeys After Long-Term Phencyclidine Administration." He too has a "rent-a-cop" in front of his house twenty-four hours a day, ever since his car was blown up last year. Most everyone agrees that it would have been great if he had been in it! But what goes around comes around and we're hopeful that in time his hideous "Karma" will catch up to him and he'll be forced to receive the final payment he deserves.

Activists must "shine a spotlight" on those who do these kinds of hideous things to primates, and expose them for the freaks they truly are.

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