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Terrible Pit Bull Breeding Center

I live in Palmdale Ca, and there is a pit-bull breeding center very close to me. I know someone who recently lived on the premises and left abruptly because he found 50 puppies dead (euthanized) and was told to dig a large hole and bury them. He got freaked out (of course) and left promptly. Apparently, these breeders are doing this whenever the dogs they breed do not fit the image that they want. They have at least 15o full grown dogs that are kenneled, and breed frequently.

The information for that terrible pit bull breeding center is. ADBR (American Dream Boarding Resort) Their address is 35101 Cheseboro Rd. Palmdale, Ca 93552 . Phone number 661-285-2555. I have been over there myself many times because they used to have an MX track on the premises. I always had a hard time going over there because they have over 150 dogs in large size kennels, but still. It is like those dogs are in prison. I offered to help them walk the dogs and they said no because it would be too dangerous, because some of the dogs are very aggressive.

I have a friend who worked and lived there. He has been a long term friend of one of the owners until he recently discovered what was going on. They have an older Latino man doing all of the dirty work (such as euthanizing the dogs) and I don't think he is a vet. I believe that breeding pit-bull is ridiculous anyway because of the number of homeless pit bulls on the streets and in the shelters, but breeding them and then putting them down in dozens is just cruel and inhumane.

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