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Snark Bites: Animal cruelty a way of life in East Tennessee

Knoxville News Sentinel]

East Tennessee ranks high among hot spots on the animal-torture tourism circuit. That's because states bordering East Tennessee, such as Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, treat animal-abusive "sports" like cockfighting and 'possumboarding, as felonies, whereas Tennessee treats them as misdemeanors, punishable with a $50 fine. Certain lawmakers even celebrate 'possumboarding as part of East Tennessee's "rich cultural tapestry," and welcome vacationing 'possumboarders.

In 'possumboarding, opossums are subjected to staged "drownings" until they pretend to be dead, with the one staying conscious longest declared the winner. Often those thought to be "playing 'possum" actually have died from the torture. Losers that do survive are typically strangled and tossed on a garbage heap.

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