The fur is not flying on Park City's Main Street, where animal-rights activists are protesting a ban on demonstrations that draw more than five people.

Citing its First Amendment rights, the Utah Animal Rights Coalition filed suit Monday in U.S. District Court for Utah.

It wants a temporary restraining order so it can demonstrate outside Alaska Fur Gallery, 537 Main St., during the annual Sundance Film Festival.

"The Constitution allows us to speak our minds whether there are five of us or 15 of us," said UARC spokesman Sean Diener.

A group of nine protestors Friday were carrying placards and passing out leaflets decrying cruelty to animals outside the furrier's storefront when police informed them of a Park City regulation that restricts such demonstrations.
But civil-rights attorney Brian Barnard, who represents UARC, argued that an arbitrary limit of five people is nonsense.

"There is no history to squelch the First Amendment like that simply because it's inconvenient."

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