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SHARK Condemns Illegal, Massive Four-Day Live Pigeon Shoot

July 29, 2013


This coming Thursday through Sunday (August 1-4, 2013) a massive four-day long live pigeon shoot is planned at the notorious Wing Pointe canned hunt club in Hamburg, PA.

Emaciated pigeons will be launched out of small boxes and shot. Many pigeons will only be wounded, escaping to neighboring properties to suffer for hours or even days before dying of their injuries, exposure, predation, hunger or thirst.

In spite of SHARK’s identification of those involved, neither District Attorney Adams nor the state police will take action.

Live pigeon shoots violate Pennsylvania's anti-cruelty statute. Pennsylvania law absolutely forbids animals being treated cruelly, ill-treated or neglected. Not only are the pigeons shot and killed -- victims of cruelty, but the hundreds left to suffer are additionally victims of ill-treatment and neglect. Pigeon shoots are not part of the hunting code, so PA humane laws apply.

SHARK rescued these two pigeons from a previous shoot at Wing Pointe. They had been shot, wounded and left to die slow and painful deaths.

There will be literally thousands of violations of Pennsylvania state humane law at this shoot. The killers and their NRA sponsors own Berks County District Attorney John Adams, and even the Pennsylvania State Police. It is corruption that keeps the blood flowing at Wing Pointe.

The problem is that the pigeon shooters are very wealthy and politically connected, including past and present board members of the National Rifle Association, which supports the shoots. Notable NRA pigeon shooters include NRA board member Ted Nugent, former NRA board member Leo Holt, and former NRA president John Sigler.

SHARK has researched the connection between DA Adams and the pigeon shooters. Our discoveries are included in a PDF which you can view HERE. This includes campaign donations from pro-pigeon shooting Political Action Committees and from lawyers who represent Wing Pointe.

SHARK has also discovered that one longtime pigeon shooter, Adolph Joseph Antanavage, is the Berks County Solicitor for the Pennsylvania State Police Lodge #65. A video regarding Antanavage can be viewed HERE.

Watch the video television legend Bob Barker narrated calling for a specific law to ban pigeon shoots. You can view that video HERE.

If you want to join us at Wing Pointe this weekend, please contact

Protest Against Carlton Pools this Saturday

On Saturday, August 3, 2013, SHARK will hold educational outreaches at the two New Jersey locations of Carlton Pools, which are owned by Joseph Solana. Solana is a pigeon shooter and is the owner of Wing Pointe. Solana has also used Carlton Pools vehicles and equipment on the Wing Pointe grounds to support his pigeon shoots.

In this video, you can see a Carlton Pools vehicle used to spray liquid manure along the tree line where SHARK videographers legally stood on public property.

We believe that customers of Carlton Pools have a right to know the company’s connection to unbelievable animal cruelty. If Mr. Solana is going to use Carlton Pools to support his bloodthirsty hobby, then he has made it part and parcel of this debate.

Here are the locations and times of the protest. Please contact if you can make it.

Carlton Pools, Toms River, NJ
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM 1740 Lakewood Rd. Toms River, NJ

Carlton Pools, Branchburg, NJ
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM 1035 Rt. 202, Branchburg, NJ

Joe Solana, owner of both Wing Pointe and Carlton Pools. This picture was taken at a pigeon shoot held at Wing Pointe last year.

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