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Santa Monica Pigeon Net Protest

CITY HALL — Animal rights activists staged a small protest before the City Council meeting Tuesday in opposition to a plan to install netting underneath the Santa Monica Pier in an effort to prevent pigeons from fouling the waters.

Their hope is to change the minds of city officials who just last month approved a $107,758 contract with Bird Busters to put up a net that will run the length and width of the pier. Doing so could be a matter of life and death, at least for the birds, opponents say.

"When you try to put a net under there to exclude pigeons from getting up in there, everything above the net, that is all the babies and the parents who won't leave the nests, are going to starve to death," Dr. Red Enright, an attorney and self-proclaimed pigeon expert, said. "Any of the pigeons that happened to be out at the time (the net is installed) are going to die of exhaustion trying to get back to the only place they know to roost and where their young ones are and their nests are."


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