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The Philadelphia Gun Club Steals SHARK Property - Police Do Nothing
December 27, 2013
The Philadelphia Gun Club Steals Our Property - and the Bensalem Police Won’t File Charges
Last Saturday, December 21, 2013, SHARK was again fighting a live pigeon shoot at the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC). We had a boat on the Delaware River, bird rescuers on the shore and videographers filming shooters as they entered and left the PGC. We made four protest signs and had them near our people, on the public right of way in front of the PGC. 

The PGC did not like that, so they sent their hired thugs, including former Bensalem Township police officer David Clee, to take our signs.

Former Bensalem Twp. police officer David Clee (top) and an unknown man steal SHARK's protest signs.
You can watch the video of the sign theft HERE.  
Even though they knew they were stealing our property (it cost more than $100 to make all the signs) they simply didn’t care. If their arrogance was because they thought the Bensalem Police would not charge them, they were right; though we called the police and demanded that the thieves be held accountable, no charges were made.

On Thursday, December 26, we sent the following letter to Bensalem Township Director of Public Safety Fred Harran. 

Director Harran,

I am writing to you regarding the theft of my organization’s property, which occurred last Saturday, December 21, 2013, by operatives of the Philadelphia Gun Club (PGC). The signs that were stolen cost us more than $100, so this was not an insignificant theft. However, even though the Bensalem Police are well aware that this theft happened, and actually communicated with one of the thieves, no one was charged. 

One of the thieves was former Bensalem Police Officer David Clee, who now works as security for the PGC. Is it because he is a former member of your department that he has been given special privileges and allowed to steal property?

Please explain to us how exactly he was not charged with theft, as no one who views this situation can believe that he and the other thieves were simply allowed to get away with it. That the thieves returned the stolen property does not negate the crime that they committed. Property was stolen. They broke the law.

Pennsylvania State law states the following:

(b)  Other grades.--Theft not within subsection (a), (a.1) or (a.2), constitutes a misdemeanor of the first degree, except that if the property was not taken from the person or by threat, or in breach of fiduciary obligation, and:

(1)  the amount involved was $50 or more but less than $200 the offense constitutes a misdemeanor of the second degree; 

Given the clear and unequivocal violation of law by former Bensalem Township police officer David Clee and his associates, I demand that everyone involved in stealing our property be charged with misdemeanors of the second degree.

When Clee threatened to steal our property again, we were told by Corporal Baldino that we would have to take Clee and the PGC to court to decide if we were on the public right of way or not. That’s outrageous; does your department not understand the basic law of public right of way, and the First Amendment rights afforded to us?

You’ll recall that the issue of property boundaries was visited back in February of 2010, when Sgt. Joseph Blickley suggested that two women were on PGC property, when they were in fact on the public right of way, just as our signs were. You may recall that Sgt. Blickley also falsely accused one of the women of a wiretap violation - a ridiculous assertion, for publicly videotaping him.

One would think that almost four years would be enough time for the Bensalem Township Police Department to have researched the issue of the PGC’s property line, or is that expecting too much? Here’s a clue - our signs were placed on the street side of the power lines, and they power lines are on the public way.

The public right of way in front of the PGC is not in question. In fact, before last Saturday, we received a detailed map from PennDOT showing where the right of way was, and we obeyed that line of demarcation. I am sending you that map so you can educate your officers so they understand that citizens have a right to stand on this land, and that the property owner can neither steal nor prevent public protest on that area.

The evidence of the corruption of the Bensalem Township Police Department continues to mount. By giving written permission for PGC members to violate the law by covering up license plates, allowing the PGC to commit gross and blatant animal abuse, threaten people with their vehicles, and knowingly and repeatedly hit people on a public waterway with shotgun fire, you and your subordinates continue to serve the whims of the PGC, and ignore the law instead of enforcing it.

Allowing thieves, including a former Bensalem Township police officer, to get away with stealing our property is just the latest outrage that we have experienced. I want a timely response to this issue - by the end of the day tomorrow.

Steve Hindi
President, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness

Take Action!
Please politely and respectfully call and write to Mr. Harran and ask him why the PGC, their members and their minions, are continually allowed to flout the law and do what they please, with no concern that they will be held liable.


One of the wounded pigeons SHARK rescued at the shoot that day
SHARK Investigator Almost Hit by Reckless Driver at Women’s Humane Society Protest

On Friday, December 20, 2013, SHARK held a protest outside of the Women’s Humane Society. The purpose of this protest was to get this multi-million dollar organization to help fight the Philadelphia Gun Club pigeon shoots that happen just a few miles from their office.

Apparently, someone wasn’t happy that we did this, and they drove their SUV dangerously close to one of our investigators. The investigator had to jump back to keep from being struck, and even so, the SUV hit the investigator’s sign. We reported the dangerous and intentional act to the Bensalem police, and provided photos of the vehicle. Incredibly, the Bensalem police have done nothing! Once again, even when human lives are threatened the Bensalem police will close their eyes and hide.

The vehicle that drove recklessly at our investigator. Even though we have the license plate, the Bensalem Police have done nothing.

Please politely call the Women's Humane Society and ask them to take action to stop these acts of cruelty from continuing:

Another pigeon we rescued at the last PGC shoot. The Women's Humane Society, just a few miles from where this massive cruelty is taking place, should have been out there helping.
Video that Asks “What are Pigeon Shooters Really like?” Still Going Viral
We are not surprised that those who participate in brutal live pigeon shoots may be also be vicious and violent to people. What is gratifying, however, is that the public is starting to understand this too; the video we released just over a week ago exposing these vile men has now been seen nearly 125,000 times.

Every day, people are learning the truth about how violent pigeon shooters are.
Kindest Regards,  
Steve Hindi and Your SHARK Team

"Kindness and compassion towards all living beings is a mark of a civilized society.  Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos are all cut from the same fabric: violence. Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves." - Cesar Chavez, civil rights and labor leader, founder of the United Farm Workers
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