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Animal Liberation Frontline obtains confidential "security alert" for recent Iowa mink release.

By Peter Young on Sep 13, 2013

Animal Liberation Frontline obtains confidential "security alert" for recent Iowa mink release.

Media reports on the recent mink release in Keota, Iowa state that around 100 animals were liberated. However according to a private bulletin obtained by Animal Liberation Frontline, the number is closer to 500.

The full "security alert", sent to fur farmers by the Fur Commission, is below. These bulletins are distributed via email and fax to fur farmers after fur farm raids and suspicious activity on farms. They are not intended to be read by the public.

The number of mink quoted is a discrepancy of 500% from numbers given to the media. This is yet another example of the actual number of animals released to be very different than numbers given to the media. Based on information obtained in court cases and other sources, the figures made public can be both more and less than the true figure. While insurance fraud is a potential motive for overstating the number of animals release, the motive for under-reporting is left to speculation.

More discrepancies

While the official line in the media has been that this mink release was a "prank" and not the work of those with an animal liberation motive, authors of this alert believe otherwise. The Fur Commission clearly presupposes this action is the work of "animal rights terrorists."

According to the alert, the mink farm targeted did not even have a fence.

The full security alert reads:

"Fur Commission USA

Security Alert – Farm Attack in Iowa

August 30, 2013

Early this morning a farm was attacked outside the town of Keota in western Iowa. An estimated 500 mink have been released. Law enforcement is on site, and the family is in the process of trying to rescue the animals. The farmer did not have any fencing around the mink yard.

This is the third mink farm attack in the US since late July. All farmers are urged to be especially alert as animal rights terrorists are actively searching for, and attacking soft targets. Please arrange nightly patrols if you do not already have them. Updates will be circulated as they become available.

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Michael Whelan
Fur Commission USA

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