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Vandal Ransacks Lackawanna Livestock Market

By WKBW Internet
November 1, 2011

LACKAWANNA, NY (WKBW) - Police in Lackawanna are searching for a vandal who broke into a Halal market on Ridge Road Monday night. The vandal was caught on security camera throwing a large rock or stone through the front glass of the market.

Police say he also broke in through the back glass door and the owners say he spent a significant amount of time trying to access the livestock, which was locked behind an additional security door.

Nothing was stolen even though the vandal was inside the market for nearly two-hours, which has the market owner wonder what the motivation was for the crime. "...I'm thinking it's probably a competitive crime or maybe a hate crime, who knows," said shop manager who went by the name of Mike.

"Whoever tried to do it this year is probably the same who attempted to do it last year." That same market was vandalized last year near the same time, on Election Day. On that occasion, countless sheep and poultry were let loose to wander free.

Both attacks have been around the time of a Muslim holiday that sees an increased demand for Halal food for the market. In Monday's attack, only a few chickens were let out of their cages.

Crimestoppers is offering a reward for any information leading to the capture of the suspect. Anyone with information can call the confidential tip line at (716) 867-6161.

[No claim by animal liberation activists has been received as of this time. --Press Office]

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