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Miles Novy Targeted for Abusing, Killing Pregnant Primates

December 7, 2007

Second Oregon Vivisector in Six Months Targeted by Animal Liberation Front
Miles Novy Targeted for Abusing, Killing Pregnant Primates

Portland, OR- In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office last night, activists claim to have visited the home of Oregon Health Sciences primate vivisector Miles Novy, infamous for deliberately infecting the uterus' of pregnant monkeys, causing them to terminate their pregnancy prematurely. "ALF" and "Sadist" were reportedly spray-painted on Novy's automobiles, and at least one vehicle was covered with a caustic chemical.

The communique reads in part:
In the dark morning fog of December 6, 2007, the Animal Liberation Front set its sights on the home of OHSU researcher Miles Joseph Novy, 3107 Southwest Nottingham Drive in Portland, Oregon, dessimating his cars with graffiti and paint stripper. Novy's reproductive research on primates has resulted in this senseless torture of one of natures most magnificent creatures.

Read the entire communique here.

Novy has obtained grants worth millions of dollars to study premature infant births, long known to be largely preventable by providing women with prenatal and peri-natal care; many women in the US are unable to afford such care. Instead of wasting untold millions of scarce research dollars on torturing and killing non-human primates, Novy and his colleagues could choose to provide affordable health care to pregnant women.

Instead, says Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD, "animal researchers like Novy doom thousands of women and their babies to suffering, disability and death, largely due to preventable complications of pregnancy that could easily be diagnosed and treated, if only the care was readily available. To see frauds like Novy stand up and claim they are trying to save human lives makes me embarrassed to be a physician," says Vlasak.

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Another Oregon Health & Science University scientist has reported an vandalism attack by the Animal Liberation Front.

Dr. Miles Novy, who participates in clinical research on animals as well as medical care of patients, woke up Thursday morning and discovered the word "sadist" spray-painted on one of his cars, and another painted with the letters "A.L.F," the abbreviation for the Animal Liberation Front.

An ALF spokesman, Jerry Vlasak, said no one has reported the incident as being done in the name of the group. The animal rights organization opposes research being done at OHSU's National Primate Research Center, which it says is cruel and inhumane.

It was the second time an OHSU scientist's home has been targeted by animal-rights activists in the past few months. The home and car of Dr. Eliot Spindel were vandalized in late July. The words "ALF Eyes on You" were painted on the researcher's garage door. An anonymous message threatening to firebomb the scientist's home was latter issued.


full story:

[The Oregonian -]

Animal-rights saboteurs have claimed responsibility for vandalizing the Portland home of a research scientist who uses monkeys to study the causes of premature birth in humans.

In a communique obtained by The Oregonian today, the Animal Liberation Front acknowledged striking two autos owned by Dr. Miles Novy with spray-paint graffiti and paint stripper.

"Novy's reproductive research on primates has resulted in this senseless torture of one of natures most magnificant creatures," ALF saboteurs wrote in a message sent to the Animal Liberation Press Office. "This blatant disregard for the earth, animals and it's resources shall not go unseen by the ever-watching eyes of the ALF."

Novy woke Thursday morning to find the words "sadist" and "ALF" spray painted in red on his vehicles. Paint stripper had left white marks on the cars.


Novy is the second research scientist at OHSU's Oregon National Primate Research Center to have his property vandalized by the ALF this year. Last July, the group struck the home of Dr. Eliot Spindel, who uses monkeys to study ways to block fetal damage caused by pregnant smokers.


Officials at the Oregon National Primate Center said the Hillsboro facility, home to 4,200 monkeys, is a well regulated facility that takes care of animals and minimizes their pain and suffering to the best of their ability.

"A lot of what comes out of this place alleviates human and animal suffering," said Michael Conn, the acting head of the primate center's animal services division. "We think most people are going to share our outrage in these kind of (ALF) activities. This is just completely unacceptable."

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