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Protestors vs. Eliot Spindel

August 3,, 2007

Animal-rights protesters have harassed primate researcher Eliot Spindel for years, sometimes demonstrating noisily outside his Lake Oswego home.

Now the Animal Liberation Front, an underground group characterized by the FBI as a leading domestic terrorist organization, apparently has drawn a bead on Spindel's domicile.

A contractor on Tuesday discovered graffiti spray-painted on the garage door of Spindel's house that read, "ALF eyes on you!" His daughter's car was covered with white foam.
Groups of protesters have demonstrated outside Oregon Health & Science University for years, even showing up at the homes of more than a dozen researchers. But the protests took a turn last April, when masked activists demonstrating at the campus carried signs reading "A.L.F. welcome here" and "ALF vs. OHSU coming summer 2007."

Spindel, a 55-year-old senior scientist at the Oregon National Primate Research Center, said he uses mice, monkeys and cultured cells to study ways to block the effects of nicotine and smoking on unborn children.

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This is an announcement from a Oregon Primate Center rep.
--Beaverton, Oregon 8/07

I have spoken several times with Dr. Eliot Spindel about the vandalism at his home. I also travelled to the house yesterday to see it. His garage door was pretty well covered with ALF grafitti. Apparently a car in his driveway was also vandalized but a neighbor has cleaned the car off.

As many of you may recall - we decided many weeks ago to proactiively take action if and when we were targeted. Our thinking was to not let the ALF be the first ones to tell the story (which they would do in a gruesome, ugly way) so we created a media packet of information for such an event.
Today, Eliot and i spoke with the Oregonian editorial board who voiced interest in doing an opinion piece condemmning the actions against OHSU. We also spoke with one of their reporters, Bryan Denson, who covers ecoterrorism. We talked about this week's incident and also the continuing harassment of our researchers. We did ask The Oregonian that only Eliot be named as he willingly agreed to. I expect we will begin to see news coverage tomorrow.

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