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[The Oregonian]

The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility this morning for releasing hundreds of mink from the S&N Fur Farm in Scio -- the second break-in at a fur ranching outfit in Oregon this year.

The saboteurs wrote that they released as many as 150 mink in Thursday's raid. But ranch owner Ed Sandberg confirmed today that 215 mink were set free after someone cut a hole in his fence.

"We got back 177," Sandberg said. "Four of them died since we caught them. Trauma, I guess."

The rest are running around in deep brush around the Linn County farm, he said.

The ALF saboteurs wrote a communique, passed to The Oregonian this morning, explaining that their actions were inspired by releases last month in Jordan, Utah of 600 mink and in Aldergrove, British Columbia of 6,000 mink.


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