On the night of August 5, the ALF commenced Operation White Marlin. The White Marlin Open is the biggest sport fishing tournament in the world. Killers from all over the world competed to slaughter the lives of our brothers and sisters.

Ex-military members of the Animal Liberation Front donned scuba gear and tactical equipment and took to the sea. 8 boats were permanently disengaged and disabled with their props welded and holes cut in the hauls allowing them to fill with water. Unfortunately there were 400 boats involved in the slaughter. 8 will never be used again. By Wednesday night the marina was heavily patrolled by coast guard and security and they attempted to divert boats to other marinas. Little did they know the ALF was in the water beneath them tracking the boats with their middle fingers extended. Thanks to the complicity of slactavists in the area the tournament continued but with fewer boats. Below is the slaughters names, boats and docking areas. We urge activists to take appropriate measures.

Till Every Life Is Respected

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