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Activists demonstrate at Costco Clubs in San Joaquin Valley
by East Bay Animal Advocates (
info [at] )
June 5, 2006

    In an effort to raise the publicís awareness about Foster Farmsí role in the inhumane treatment of chickens, East Bay Animal Advocates "fostered compassion" by distributing informative literature about Foster Farms to shoppers outside of Costco Clubs in Modesto with the Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA) Collective and Merced on Sunday, June 4.

The Merced Sun-Star covered the local demonstration in the June 5 News Edition. Online at .

Costco plays an important role in promoting humane business practices. Unfortunately, the largest membership warehouse club chain in the world remains one of the top retailers of Foster Farms products. In order to advance the companyís commitment to excellence, East Bay Animal Advocates is urging Costco to conduct ongoing animal welfare audits of their main poultry supplier.

A recent investigation (documentation available at ) by East Bay Animal Advocates reveals that the company violates animal cruelty laws and misleads the public through its marketing. Foster Farmsí products are produced under a set of conditions vastly different than what the term 'humane' reasonably and objectively represents.

In February 2006, Foster Farms attempted to silence EBAA's criticism of the company's abusive practices by demanding that EBAA immediately take down its campaign website  and stop making reference to the name Foster Farms in its commentary. EBAA refuses to shut down its website.