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Activism is Missouri

According to local activists, the deer in Shawnee Mission Park aren't the only animals in need of saving -- monkeys at the University of Kansas Medical Center are in danger, too.

Sunday marked the start of National Primate Liberation Week, a nationwide series of protests organized by Stop Animal Exploitation Now, a non-profit based in Ohio. On Saturday, local supporters will hold a demonstration from 1 to 3 p.m. at KU Med.

Their specific target is the university's "Brain Mapping" research. Conducted by Dr. Paul Cheney, the investigation uses "awake monkeys" to determine which specific neurons in the brain fire to complete various tasks. In a statement about the Saturday rally, the local animal rights group argues that strapping a monkey to a restraining chair and exposing its brain for monitoring is cruel and unnecessary.

full story: tomorrows_protest_animal_rights_activists_target_ku_med.php

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